15-Highest Paid Professions

Highest Paid Professions

Have you ever given it a thought what you’d want to become in your professional life? Or how much do you want to earn? Every profession is mostly aspired by the hunger to earn more and more. Why not that be the case. As long as we are getting paid for it. Which is why PicktheInfo will be bringing it to your attention on who earns more in their profession.

Highest Paid Professions!

This is a list below, sketched on the people belonging to those highest paid professions that get paid more.

Senior Front End Web Developer:

I have seen many people with the rise of Silicon Valley being interested in coding. Most of the web developers aren’t really college degree holders. Numerous we know already that are college dropouts. A senior web developer can make around a $100,000 in the US. The plus of being this professional is you don’t require any degree to pursue a career. All you got to need is be able to code.

Upstream Oil Rig Worker:

Working with Oil is as if you are working with the liquid gold. This is a profession that doesn’t require you much from qualifications rather a High School diploma would do. This is a challenging task as it is laborious in terms of manual work,  being able to use heavy machinery, A person working on an oil rig can make up $100,000 a year. But you would be on the run always finding different places, to work at.


Everybody needs a dentist to have a better look at our teeth. Dentists can earn $100,000 and $175,000 in Espain. For being a dentist you need to train for lots of years, a bachelors degree is primary or several years of residencies.

Software Engineer:

Software Engineers require a Computer Science degree with good skills in coding. A software engineer can make an estimated $110,000 a year.

Corporate Controller:

Corporate Controller is someone who manages the Corporate’s finances, tax optimization, and financial proceedings of a corporate. They make around $110,000 a year. If you want to become one, I’d suggest you get a Masters in Finance.


As our societies believe that nothing is above the law that is ascertained. Lawyers on average make up to $110,000 a year. That is huge, yes I believe so. There are different strands one can choose to specialize in and make their name. Though each of them has a different pay bracket, what I mentioned above is an average estimate.


A guy who works in a pharmacy earns around $125,000 a year. It can vary from country to country but health care is always people’s priority so they do earn well enough across the globe.

Medical Science Liaison:

They sit with the CEO of a clinic and take decisions together as what inventory to buy, which work opportunity has. This guy should carry an experience in the medicine and the economics. They can make around $132,000 a year.


I’d like to fill in on this, Brokers are anything but broke. Be it Foreign Exchange, Shipping, Stock, Investment traders, make around $150,000 in the United States a year. They have other luxuries as sizable bonuses, which boosts their earning to a very huge amount. You will require a college degree.

Airline Pilots:

As you are high flying you will be paid high flying money. Average Airline Pilot across the board can make up to $165,000+ a year. High school qualification, followed by an intense flying school program before you go flying with your flying license. The license requires 250 hours of flying experience.


Physicians earn around $187,000 a year which I believe so is the average. Doctors are always in high demand, they are from the profession that can never go low unless the health rates are high and nobody gets ill which can’t be the case of course.

Obstetrician & Gynecologist:

These specialized doctors are always in demand. Which is why they can make up to $300,000 a year. Which is enormous, yes I know. the average can be $202,000. You require 15 years of education and practical experience.


Surgeons make loads of money, as the yearly earnings for a surgeon are a mega $243,000, whereas the neuro-surgeons earn around $385,000 a year. I know this is insane. Let me tell you being a surgeon means having life and death in your hands. It is a very critical job, which is why you need serious training. What you got to do to become a surgeon is 4 years of undergraduate study, 4 years of med school after that 3 years of residencies in surgery and you’d be a surgeon.


Anesthetist is some who works in development and delivery of anesthetics. On average they earn around $300,000 a year. You need a degree in Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Mathematics. Then you would have to complete medical school for four years followed by 4 years of training. Then you are required for an internship. After that a 3-year anesthetist residency program.

CEO of a Digital Company:

The average salary for a CEO across the globe is $150,000, with a bonus of $100,000 a year, with profit share, then opting commission. Top 100 CEOs in America make an average of $9 Million a year.


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