Best Hackers in the World! (Top 3)

Best hacker in the world

Over the years the Internet and Social Network communities have spread like a spider across your doorway. Just as the web becomes deeper and deeper with time, same did happen with the Internet, it spread quickly and held strong grounds in initial stages. Affecting today the masses in every aspect of life and considered a reliable source for education, skill learning, knowledge sharing and much more than we can imagine.

The Internet is a storage hub, that stores our information, information about things, data that shouldn’t be shared with anyone, or by anyone. However, a few computer geniuses can toy with internet and easily get access to whatever they want to, without being restrained or plans being thwarted. These geniuses can be called cyber criminals, hackers, crackers, cyberpirates and etc.

Hacking is genuinely a term that pops the thought of viruses to our minds as the very first. They will be sending a malicious virus or a software in order to gain access to your PC. Accessing whatever information they desire, without you even knowing it neither realizing it.  Here is a list of the best hackers in the world, that can break through any system security with their dexterity.

Best Hackers in the world:

  • Gary McKinnon
  • LulzSec
  • Adrian Lane

Gary McKinnon:

Gary McKinnon had infiltrated 97 NASA and US military computers via a virus deleting new files. But the fun didn’t last long for him, as he was found to be using girlfriend’s aunt’s computer to get into the NASA channels.
Well sharing of files, and deletion wasn’t really enough for him as he went on shaming the websites of their lack of security, using statements “Your security is crap”.


A group of hackers, with a high profile among the computer geniuses, Lulz Security garnered acclaim when they hacked into high profiled groups such as CIA, FBI, Scotland yard and numerous famous accounts.
They have a satirist motto to their group saying “Laughing at your security since 2011!”. However, now they claim to have been retired from their activities. Though, the conflicts arise whether if they themselves hacked into the newspapers and made the news of retirement just to bemuse the masses.

People even think they took it in their hands to let know of the inefficient security larger institutions have against the hackers.

Adrian Lamo:

As Lamo came to know his true potential he went on hacking the Internet giants of that time. His victims are namely Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft and the New York Times. He was arrested for that, but later took on the job of American Threat Analyst. He would sit in cafeterias, libraries and hack into any top-notch account via his computer.
Wikileaks’ Bradley Manning’s arrest was Lamo’s courtesy. As Manning was arrested for leaking the documents, Adrian went undercover. Never to be found anywhere.

These were the few names that are included in the list of Best hackers in the world not on one platform but on numerous. By far these three are the ones that have made huge headlines, by keeping people in awe of their potential hacking skills. Is your internet secure enough? You think!


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