‪‪Nokia X6‬

Nokia X6 – The Review

Nokia has been over the past few years trying to make its mark on the Smartphone Revolution. We have all seen the days when Nokia was loved by everyone, which…

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oppo f5

OPPO F5 – What’s New?

OPPO got great market exposure since the day it got launched in the mobile phone world. With impressive demands for camera phones in today’s market, they chose to launch camera featured…

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xiaomi redmi 3 pro

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro – Whats New?

Xiaomi seems to be on an errand to take the cheap smartphone to a new level with their redmi 3 pro. Redmi 3 pro incorporates all the great features. However,…

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nokia new mobile phone

Latest Nokia Mobile Phone

The Nokia new mobile phone launched are a series of Nokia phones. The Company returned to the mobile market by launching an exquisite collection of mobile phones. By mainly focusing…

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iphone x

iPhone X – The review

 iPhone X, possibly the most highlighted and talked issue in the passing year. Everyone everywhere was found talking about it. Not only that but the technology that the iPhone X…

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google pixel 2

Google Pixel 2- The Review

Fasten your seatbelts as 2nd edition of Google Pixel phones are launched this year and they look even more impressive than ever, Dominating the Android phone market previously with its…

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