Game developer Career

game developer career


Game developing has been evolving over time same so does the affection towards it. Decades of evolution made it possible for a layman to pursue a professional career as a game developer. Considered as a prodigy among many individuals but demoralized, and now breaking barriers of the term ‘geek/nerd’ and considered to be a prestigious profession. The career is as glorious as it can be for anyone who seeks, craves to create games.
This career is loved and sought by people involving either a coder or a dedicated gamer, and many of you guys have already dreamt of being a professional game developer in your lifespan. Believe me, that isn’t an odd thing but a natural feeling that comes with a person that uses a particular tool/gadget in everyday life. Career as a game developer has multiple numbers and vast horizons that can be explored or learned respectively.

So What it is actually…

Game developer career :

Doesn’t matter whether you’re new to this term or craving to hear more about it. That’s what brought you here…right?
So, let’s just get into it instantly. Game developing is a process of developing video games played by many users all over the world.
These games are created by people called game developers. They are the people that put their creational minds behind the development and use different programming languages to create logics behind it.
A programming language is basically a set of functions, rules assigned to a computer to perform specific tasks.
A game developing career can be of two types whether to pursue its career solely or as a job.

Who should pursue this career:

Many starters tend to believe that game developing is an easy going, quick cash stream that anyone can enjoy. No, it’s not like that…
Definitely, you will need mainly three type of skills i.e, coding, designing, and good mathematics knowledge.
This career should only be pursued by those who imagine themselves as being a game developer. Just like any other creational field this also demands starters building their careers from being imaginative and creative. A field which demands people to withstand the pressure and competitiveness and still being creative with it.
You can either choose to work as a freelancer/creator or apply for a job in any game developing firm and work with a group of versatile personnel that can create altogether.

What game developers do?

Game developing is a job which has more into it than just coding. They create, design and test their games concurrently with focusing on user experience. One of the toughest and hardest job in this field is to satisfy the user with their product. To feature its good and positive aspects.

How to get a job :

Game developers are often interested to look for a job and that isn’t an odd thing to do. A work environment consisting of people each having a different set of skills and probably be best at it definitely provides you with a better and enhanced working atmosphere.

Things that catch an eye of game developing studios:
1- Portfolio
2- Creativeness

A strong portfolio never goes unheard. People sooner or later will bring it into consideration whether they tend to like it or not.
The question arises on how to build a Strong portfolio…
-Build a portfolio around your work of interest whether it’d be designing, developing or creating stories.
– Remember people will look the way you portray your artwork. So, every aspect of your work should be broad and clear.
– Highlight your good features mainly.
– Create multiple projects but solid which will be shown to different studios.

Creativeness is another aspect that many studios crave of. Be creative whatever you’ve developed or about to develop.

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How to work as a freelancer :

Who doesn’t wants to work by being a boss of his own? Freelancing is a fast-growing self-employment that helps creators to find work on their personal basis. Like every other field, you can work as a freelancer in game development too.
1- A strong portfolio
2- Well scripted pitch
3- Emailing skills

A solid pitch is a way that you portray your work and about yourself.
Although emailing skills are optional but you need to learn about how to communicate with others about your work and especially your client who may demand or seek the best within you when appointing.

What type of skills & education are required?

Game developing involves different sorts of skills and education to be mastered at.

If you want to start as a coder learn:

C# (used in a popular game developing software unity) also a language which involves core concepts used in Java programming language. Suitable for games on the Xbox, or Windows platforms
C++ (a high-level language that will teach you the basics of object-oriented programming) used to build the biggest console and Windows games.
Java (involves RPG Maker engine) programmers commonly use Java, because Java supports multithreading and sockets.

If you want to start as a designer:

Blender is a professional, free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D models.
Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator is a photo editing software for spectacular photos and graphics.

Game developer’s career in Pakistan:

Like every other country, software companies in Pakistan are newly emerging and focusing on becoming a game developing giant.
1- Mindstorm Studios

Salary :

According to some researches, the median salary for game developers is about $68,000 for the United States. The minimum is around $37,000. And the maximum is around $119,000.
Although the money is good that shouldn’t be the reason you should look when choosing this wonderful career.

In Pakistan:

Min salary for any fresh software developer on average is around 40–50k PKR ($380–$470 USD). This varies among different cities (Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad).
Some companies would even pay 80–100k PKR ($750–$950 USD) to fresh candidates.

Challenges :

A work without having some challenges isn’t fun ain’t it? Jokes apart… The point is to be ever ready in this career many types of challenges may occur before and after choosing this field like team, individuals, environment, or a particular project. But that shouldn’t hold you back.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, to be very honest the idea was to portray the best picture possible to beginners or starters and alerting them of every aspect possible before lunging onto this career.
This career only grows for those who thrive for it.


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