Grammarly – 2018 Review!


Grammarly, a well-renowned tool among the writers globally which is used to check the English grammar, typos, punctuations and much more…
Grammarly is a proofreading software which helps authors/writers to generate an inch-perfect content whether it’d be a blog, a book, news, or any niche based article. The basic incentive of this software is basically to provide a platform with no language confusions. On the other hand, Motivating an author to generate better content by resolving his/her English writing mistakes. Honestly, they are quite embarrassing and conveying to masses with these mistakes can damage an authors reputation.

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Grammar and English help from Grammarly:

-Confused prepositions.
-Overuse of the passive voice.
-Wordy sentences.
-Repetitive statements.
-Common writing and grammar mistakes like misplaced apostrophes.
-Spelling mistakes.
-Lengthy sentences to cut down.

Grammarly free and premium:

As understood by the heading Grammarly offers two versions of its tool, free and a premium account for users, they vary with features and functions each offer.
Both versions are unique and worth for its price, free version provides help with typing mistakes, use of punctuations, grammar mistakes.

As for the premium version, it provides additional features like writing insights, detailed information about grammatical mistakes, option to set writing goals for yourself, plagiarism checker which helps you to write unique content and human proofreading for allowing manually to checkout for mistakes.

Price for Premium:

Grammarly Premium monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month.
Quarterly subscription costs 19.98 per month, but if billed as one $59.95 payment must be done.
Annual subscription for premium costs $11.66 per month, but $139.95 if paid as one.


How to USE:

Here I’ll be telling you how to use this free yet amazing tool which is Grammarly. Remember here we are discussing the free version of this tool available online to use.

-Go to
-create an account
-log in to the account
-Dashboard will appear
-Go and select New if you want to write from scratch or upload existing content to evaluate.

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Should you get Grammarly premium and is it worthy of its price?

For starters, you should definitely get a Grammarly free account as it is free to use and won’t be bothering you on your budget. Writers who are just starting should definitely lunge onto the free version and later switch to the premium one.

Pros and Cons:

As everything has some good and bad to it. This goes with Grammarly too, but here I wasn’t able to find a powerful negative aspect which may debase the worth of this tool. Apart from the prices (the only Con ) which may hold-back some new or less profitable writers to purchase the premium account.
This tool carries lots of good aspects with it. Like it’s excellent online grammar knowledgebase.
A good tool for authors who self-publish, as well as bloggers and writers.
Useful for non-native English speakers and new writers.
Option to switch between the US and British English.


This tool is exquisitely crafted for perfection. Helping writers effectively to overcome language and grammar barrier. The idea of this tool is to help writers in conveying their thoughts without restraining them.
Grammarly is a useful and affordable writing tool. It’ll help you find and fix errors in your writing and it’s easy to use too.



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