Microsoft Inspire 2018 – Why Should You be interested?

Microsoft Inspire 2018

When it comes to Microsoft Inspire 2018, I would like to add, that there is no place where you will find such concentration of partners. The pilgrimage of all partnership. A great way of networking, meeting new people and find new organizations to work with. That will lead you to grow your business to a new height. The opportunities are present there just for the picking. Creating a personal connection is the prime key that Microsoft Inspire brings to people associated. Enabling you to meet somebody and look them in the eye. The way of the network it is that one can’t do from sitting behind their desk. If you build trust and making connections with people you may not have known.

At Microsoft Inspire, no matter where your origins lie, or where you are coming, or who you are, they will value your voice always. They will always be waiting for you to be a part of this community.
People from all over the globe are here, changes the perspective of looking at a business. The generated ideas give one a new perspective on something.

It is like a reunion of all the pros as in the Microsoft executives, other partners, vendors. Want to see the latest, or what is the Microsoft up to? This is the place, the right place where you’d ever want to be. The only event where you will be getting full of where Microsoft’s headed.

Why Should I be attending?

Microsoft Inspire 2018

Keeping a check on the pros of Microsoft Inspire and why I should or you should be looking forward to it? Let us get that discussed down below:

Combining Microsoft Ready:

Well if you aren’t aware, for the first time Microsoft’s annual sales, marketing and tech conference will be held in the same week, at the same venue. Thus making it an opportunity for all the Microsoft Partners, to gather and network with others. So, Microsoft really means it for you to make connections with the people from its community.

What’s Commons:

The Commons is what you will find to be the best place at the Inspire. The major essence of the entire event lies here. A place where numerous people gathered, all in a room is something must be witnessed. You would love to communicate, share thoughts, learning from the partners and executives is definitely educating.


The major objective of Microsoft Inspire 2018 is for the partners to come together network among themselves. Be it the partner or vendors or even the executives. Here you can network with anyone that’s associated with the Microsoft. People that attended previously found this to be a really appeased experience to encounter as in real-life LinkedIn experience.


Microsoft Inspire has sessions that focus on different things. For this year’s Inspire, they have focused on sessions that are on technology which are Data & AI, Modern Workplace and many more. Not only technology but Business Leadership, Industry and Partnering with Microsoft will also be accommodated.

Microsoft Inspire 2018


This year’s Microsoft Inspire will be from July 15 to July 19, 2018. The venue in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandala Bay Convention Center & T-Mobile Arena. So what are you waiting for? Register today at the website. Just search Microsoft Inspire and it will lead you to its website.


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