Nokia X6 – The Review

‪‪Nokia X6‬

Nokia has been over the past few years trying to make its mark on the Smartphone Revolution. We have all seen the days when Nokia was loved by everyone, which is unlikely now. Ever since the advent of Smartphone and the battle of giants (Apple & Samsung) has commenced it has faced a leisure decline in its fame among masses.

Nokia adopted Android as the Mobile OS recently, to establish itself as a competition among the Android phones. But it still has a huge battle to fight for holding its ground. Just recently they have released the Nokia X6. And we are going to be doing a full review of it. Carefully assessing the good, the bad and (if there is anything) the ugly.


HMV Global has finally made its mark with the Nokia X6. The first thing that intrigues people is the camera, which is 19×9 display dual camera with the notch. The design is amusing, and brand new, that goes along with the personality that is classy. With the all-glass back, might reminisce the Nokia 6. it does seem a lot familiar with the Nokia 6.
Right below the camera hump, you can see there is the fingerprint sensor. The rest of the back is left clean, back does catch lights brilliantly accentuating the display of the phone.
Accented edges have a tad stylistic flair to the X6.
Coming to the front, it has a 5.8 inch full HD Plus display on offer for the users. Whereas the aspect ratio is 19 x 9 as it is HMD Global’s first attempt with a notch which is not that big rather very small.
Since the Smartphone is fragile, Gorilla Glass 3 wrapping around the front of the phone will protect the front from breaking or being damaged.



The specifications are worked upon and upgraded to the Snapdragon 636. The software is stock android so you can expect it work well with the Nokia X6. This is one of the first phones to get the Android P. Which we will discuss in a post later.
RAM available is 4 / 6 GB along with internal storage 32 / 64 GB respectively. If you find internal lesser than you desired, microSD will always be your solution to the memory troubles.
The batter is 30 60 milliamp-hour, sounds less, but it has a lot more to offer to you.

There are a lot more to talk about but we are short of time, though this phone is probably going to be a hit on my predictions.
This is a smartphone that is available within the price range affordable for users that don’t expect a lot. The purpose of this phone is to bring you guys an Android phone that can work for you the best way and fulfill your every necessity that you would have desired from a Smartphone.
What should you not do is expect a lot more than you really should from the Nokia X6. Enough to suffice your needs.


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