OPPO F5 – What’s New?

oppo f5

OPPO got great market exposure since the day it got launched in the mobile phone world. With impressive demands for camera phones in today’s market, they chose to launch camera featured phones at much less price. This made them even more eye-catching than others and made them popular in the Asian region where everyone tried to get their hands on. Another mobile phone launched in the last quarter of the previous year with just under the same category of oppo camera phone is OPPO F5.
A quick and deep review of this phone will help you to make the decision whether to spend your hard earned money on something which is worth it or not.

OPPO F5 Design and Looks:

Firstly, everybody wants to know the design, the shape a phone features. This mobile phone has a sleek unibody smooth back surface providing you a great feel for this phone with curvy edges atop and bottom. The front design features a 6-inch screen with less side bezel which almost covers the frame, with 18:9 screen ratio. Atop lies the camera. On the right-side are a nano sim and micro sd card holder with a capacity to use 2 sims at a time.
The back of the phone holds the camera and flash at the top and a fingerprint scanner in the center of the frame. Bottom of the phone has a 3.5mm audio jack and a charging port and speakers next to it.

Build and Chip Design:

Launched at the end of the previous year. This oppo camera phone Operating System is ColorOS 3.2 but does not come with the latest Android version which is Android 7.1 nougat whilst others are launching Android 8.0 Oreo. The chip design is ARM Mali G71 MP2 770 MHz and the processor is Octa-core MT6763T made.
The screen is AMOLED technology LCD display touchscreen.

System Specs:

With a choice of 4gb and 6gb ram available for this phone. The storage capacity is 32gb with an option that can be expanded up to 256gb externally. The 3200mAh battery gives you quite a lot time till the next recharge with a 2amp charger.


Most boasted feature from the company itself is the camera with a new A.I beauty technology introduced. Integrated it with a 20MP front camera and 16MP back camera for astonishing photos no matter the place and time. Nowadays everyone wants a phone that fulfills the need for an almost perfect picture they can click with spending much less than what others do.


The phone is available in different colors as the choice of Ram changes. For F5 4GB ram: Gold and Black colors are available and for F5 6GB: Red and Black color.

Overall Experience:

Looking at the price of oppo f5 which starts at around $280 is quite decent with the number of features provided by the company. With lots of competition in the mobile market, it is challenging to offer the best technology while keeping the price in mind. In conclusion, this oppo camera phone is a good bargain overall.


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