top 5 programming languages

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

 This century is regarded as the Century of Information Technology. Let me tell you one thing, the key to a successful future in the field of AI/IT/CS is learning to…

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make money online

15+ Ways On How to Make Money Online [2018]

 Those days are gone when an individual needed a workforce to earn money. In this present-day everything is at the fingertips of a person, the internet is one of those…

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android apps

Top 10 Android Apps in 2017 [Review]

Development and advancement in Smartphone technology have revolutionized the modern day telecommunication among masses. Time after time, we have seen inventions that changed the way how we supposed to communicate….

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make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging Complete Guide [2018]

How to make money blogging? Yeah, you read it right.. Have a hobby for writing? Want to make money from writing? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to…

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Basic Concepts & Features of Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming model which is based on objects and classes. In Procedural programming programmer focus on tasks instead of objects but in OOP programmer focus…

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Top 20+ Interesting Bill Gates Facts Which You Want to Know

Most of us already know about the IT giant Bill gates but there is still a chance that many of us are still not aware about some of the Interesting…

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Why Prisma is So Popular ?

After Pokeman Go, Prisma is another tending app for smart phones users nowadays. It has attracted million of users in a very short span of time. The reasons of Prisma…

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Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan [2016]

Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers [2016] In Pakistan, the term blogging is not new but doing it in right way with passion is not known to many. There are many…

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Chrome Eats Almost 70% More Battery then Edge Browser

To browse the internet, we always use a browser.Using Internet browser we can check email online, we can shop on the web, we can learn, earn from the internet etc….

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How to Hide File/Folder Using CMD Attrib Command

As a computer user, many time you encountered a situation to hide a file/folder from your PC/Laptop. The very common method to hide any file/folder from a PC is by…

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