Pinnacle Inventions for future

The new technological era shapes the future splendidly as every moment passes by with a variety of technologies and innovations occurring in present time. Since the development of the wheel which is to believe the biggest invention of human history among all the discoveries occurring through-time. Inventing and designing things haven’t stopped since it is in the human nature to raise questions about any possible object or a living thing which leads us towards inventing new things. Technologies are not invented in a blink of an eye(a metaphor) but in months, years or even lifetime of hard work of its inventor which makes it achievable, to be able to portray the desire, skills, and motivation behind the technology which is invented.

New technology inventions isn’t a hoax but a reality which is made possible through hard work and dedication. New technology inventions are accomplished to make not only the dreams of its creator possible but to make everyone’s life much easier and to be able to live a better much purposeful life.
Through time new technologies are invented and in this modern era of tech, the inventions are being made so quickly that sometimes the past technology invented is depreciated. Let’s discuss some of the cool technologies which can shape future of thousands and millions at an instance and improve our ecosystem, and communication and decrease the cost eventually.

Edible Water:

The question popping right after hearing this will be since when did water become edible? This edible water is a blob-like water container made from sodium alginate gel which lasts better than any other water. The purpose of inventing this was to increase eco-friendly environment due to the vast amount of plastic bottles being constructed every day by the companies. It is estimated at 450 years plastic decompose organically. Those countries with the shortage of water can be helped by these blobs in distributing safe and healthy water to its residents.


A wearable external suit for a human enhancing the strength and flow in a person’s body. A suit designed and powered by electric motors, and hydraulics to help people move with a greater force.
This invention was done in order to improve the movements and postures of disabled people to enhance and make their everyday life better.

Cloud Computing:

The literal meaning of this is the data we send to the server is calculated and send elsewhere to be stored.
Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. Companies which provide cloud servers simply charge for the amount of service being provided.
A cloud-based server can be accessed by mobile and web.
Some of the benefits of cloud computing are:


The cost of buying hardware and software for data servers is diminished and the cost for electricity bills also.


Cloud servers are faster than the physical servers depending on the type of service being provided.


Data becomes more reliable as compared to others as the datacenters used to store the data can be duplicated and stored as a mirror image in-case of future disasters.


Self-Driving Trucks and Cars:

The possible future of human-driven vehicle is the self-driving capability of a vehicle. Cost of human life and fuel is the major part which will make the human-driven cars extinct and give self-driven cars more exposure towards society. As more and more companies work towards the automated driving of a vehicle due to the increase in accidents and fuel consumption. Two major competitors of the motor world Trucks and Cars which are widely driven type of vehicle across the globe and companies are working hard to make these self-driven but what are the cons which make us think of revolutionizing the vehicle world.
1- Accidents
2- Fuel

Humans tend to make mistakes and these mistakes can be costly taking human life with just one thrust of a pedal. Fuel is the also the key factor as automated cars will cover the routes even quicker without getting stuck in traffic with more efficient knowledge of roads.
We’ll just have to wait and see whether this technology will bring robustness or be a downfall.


Technology is one of few things in our world which has evolved over time and with the thinking to move forward. Not every invention is a complete package towards glory but a chunk of what is to be achieved in the future. Technology has always been pivotal in inventions and globalization and about future technology:
“Expect some unexpected things in the time to come”. 

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