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Today we’ll discuss a new product launched by the famous retailers Amazon. Having set foot in the physical book market previous year they are moving forward towards new ideas now even faster.
Who doesn’t like to shop at just a Go and skip the rest standing in a queue for billing part aside…well then your problem has just been solved by Amazon Go technology being officially launched for public earlier this month on 22nd of January in Seattle where the Amazon headquarters resides. Your shopping time won’t prolong much here as the purpose of this store is to minimize the time taken to shop at a grocery store and to encourage people to shop without any barrier. 

Here we’ll share what is this product, how this product works, what technology this product uses, and much more.

What is Amazon Go Technology:

An environment made for customers to grab whatever they may wish to buy with no cash registers and cashiers starring at you at the time of your exit as if you were stealing. This place is fully packed with cameras and sensors which monitor the products when moved in or out of the shelf and leave without on-time payments to be made.

How it works:

The way to shop for products here is a quite different experience which you may encounter unlike at other stores. You will be needing an Amazon account and an Amazon Go app on your mobile phone to gain an access to the store. IOs and Android phones can download the application for Amazon Go from their respective stores i.e Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore etc.

People can enter the store with their phones that have this app installed furthermore, people can shop freely as much as they want and will be charged for only those products which they take. After shopping just carry the items you intend to take with you and feel free to get out of the store anytime which will generate the bill slip sent to your mobile phone after leaving the store. No cashier means no cash register resulting in no stress to stand in-line and wait for turn this is impressive and attracting to those who are busy and have less time to schedule grocery shopping or to host a quick dinner for some friends as this store has a system embedded to also tell you about the list of items needed for quick 30 minutes of cooking.


Amazon boasts about the technology that their system uses computer vision, sensor vision, and machine learning. To explain it furthermore, computer vision is the technology used by the store allowing cameras to see what item is being picked and who has picked it to determine the customer which is combined with the sensor technology which senses the type of product and much more.

The store is fully loaded with a bunch of cameras atop of the shelves or around the store which keeps track of the products being picked or returned. If a product which is been picked by a customer than that item is for instance added to the shopping list of the customer and removed when the product is returned to the shelf.

What products Amazon Go offer at the store?

A wide range of menu for meals throughout your days like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. Grocery ranges from daily necessity items like bread, milk, cheese, and chocolates. Quick home-cooked dinner, chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits, can be purchased with all the ingredients you need to make for a meal.

Final verdict:

Launching this product will help people who are either lazy or busy to shop with less time to waste as a result quick purchasing at this platform moreover with the increase in a potential market of the system with no cashier, although this may affect the jobs of 3.5 million Americans according to a survey who work as cashiers for different stores. Amazon insisted global market will not be affected by this as they say we have workers here also who perform different tasks such as helping the customers, filling the shelves with products, monitoring etc. Opinion about Amazon Go technology, to be precise “A place worth visiting”.


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