Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan [2016]

Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan
Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers [2016]
In Pakistan, the term blogging is not new but doing it in right way with passion is not known to many. There are many peoples in Pakistan present today who turned their life as successful logger. The driving force which pushed them was β€œPassion “.
With the success of blogging many young talent also entered in this field. So Keeping in mind this scenario, I thought it would be right choice to write a list of ” Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers Under the Age of 20″ who are passionated about blogging.
So Here is the List of Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan in 2016 :

1- Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Syed Faizan Ali is a 20 year old successful teenage blogger from Pakistan. At the age of 16 he started his first blog named “” where he shares Blogging tips/tutorials/tricks, Blogger widgets etc. He also founded a blogger resource site “” where he provides professional blogger templates to blogger community. Apart from blogging he is also involved  in many motivational talks to aware students about entrepreneurship.

2- Ammar Ali:

Ammar Ali Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Born in 1995 in Pakistan, 21 year old Ammar Ali from Islamabad Pakistan entered in this field when he was in high school.He created his first Professional blog “” in 2011.The primary focus of his blog is to help new bloggers to start their blog. In a very short of span of time his blog become famous around the world. Apart from blogging, Ammar is a huge fan of Cricket.

3- Muhammad Ahmed:

Muhammad Ahmed Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Only 15 years Old, Muhammad Ahmad is one of my favorite teenage blogger who has been working as a blogger since 2011.He started his blogging career in 2011 and kept using domain to create different blogs for almost 2 years.
In the end of 2013 or either in start of 2014, his brother gifted him a Domain Unfortunately, Blog domain registrar was hacked in the start of 2015 and thus he lost his domain.
Despite of a big loss, he didn’t  lose his hope and  founded “” to share tips related to SEO,Blogging,Fiverr,Social Media etc.
In the start of 2016 ,He stared his personal blog “” where he mostly shares his case studies and tips related to Affiliate Marketing.

4- Muhammad Abid:

Muhammad Abid Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan

Muhammad Abid is a  19 Years old Another pasionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He created his first blog back in 2013 and started blogging in the same year.
Currently he is active on his blog “” which was founded by him  On 23rd March 2016. The  blog  mostly focuses on tutorials for WordPress, Blogger, Web Designing and Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Apart from blogging  he also offers services to his clients all around the world.

5- Muhammad Abdullah:

Muhammad Abdullah Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Muhammad Abdullah is a 19 year old techy blogger from Lahore, Pakistan.He started his blogging career at the age of 17 by creating blogs on blogger platform. Currently he blogs on “” where he writes articles related to Technology,Internet,Computer,IOS,Andriod,Windows.

6- Abdul Samad Essani:

Abdul Samad Essani Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Another excellent young blogger, Abdul Samad Essani is in this field from the age of 12.
In 2013, He with the help of his friend registered a domain but due to some unknown reason,domain was sold by him. After 3 Years in 2016, fortunately he found that the domain was expired as it was not used by the one who purchased it. He quickly grabbed this opportunity and registered “” again. Now on this blog,he shares all the stuff related to Blogging,SEO, Make Money etc.
Meanwhile b/w 2013 and 2016,He also created another blog but after ranking it well in search engine,he sold it.

7- Zohaib Liaquat:

Zohaib Liaquat Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Zohaib Liaquat, A 18 year Old Blogger and Freelancer founded “” 3 years ago to help bloggers by writing articles, guides, and sharing/developing blogger widgets. According to him,due to busy schedule he is not active in his blog but soon He will start updating it again.He is also planning to start working on another blog that is “”.

Special Appearance:

Beside of the above bloggers listed,I found some others bloggers who are still young but the age is little bit higher than 20.So,I thought it would be better to mention them as a Special Appearance.

8- Hassam Ahmed Awan:

Hassam Ahmed Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Hassam Ahmed Awan, a 20 year old Computer Science graduate from Islamabad,Pakistan who founded “” 4 years back..He is one of the blogger who is mostly active on social media to help newbies.

He is also a body builder and fitness freek and to share his tips related to body building he blogs on “”

Apart from blogging,He is also an active Vlogger on his YouTube channel where he mostly shares videos related to Blogging,Entrepreneurship,Motivation.

9- Nasir Piya:

Nasir Piya Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

23 year old, Nasir Piya from Punjab,Pakistan is the Founder of “” where he shares free guide and resources related to Blogging, Programming, Makemoney and many He started his career by creating his first blog on Blogger platform. later on he moved to WordPress in 2015.

10- Malik Sharjeel Tahir:

Malik Sharjeel Tahir Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Malik Sharjeel started his blogging career in 2014 and thus on 1st November 2014 his blog “”  was live.The main focus of his blog is to Give the best information related to Health, Medical side effects,Diseases etc.


So that was the list of “Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan” who changed their life from blogging because of their passion.After a deep research,I have tried my best to compile this list but since Pakistan is full of young talent ,so it is possible that many of them  may have missed.

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Happy Blogging !


  1. Hi Husnain,
    I am really honoured to see my self here!
    Thanks for your love and support,
    Glad to see some of my friends featured here.
    Thanks a bunch!
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. Tweeting it right now πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for including me πŸ™‚
    It's pleasure to get listed here!
    Appreciated .. B/w nice list, it seems you have done hardwork to collect all!
    Love to see youngsters in this field!

  3. It's really great to see these young passionate bloggers out of whom I have been visiting the blogs of top two of the list since they started blogging and much impressed by their very impressive performance. Thanks for sharing

  4. That's a nice list and these guys are so much inspiration πŸ™‚

    By the way 20-30 people are still young. In fact I really think that being young is determined by the amount of energy and determination a person has.

    For example I consider one of my uncles, who is about 70 years old, to be younger than me. Because he has energy and determination to go to gym each day which I still lack.

  5. That's a good list. But you have included some bloggers that are very new. There are some bloggers who have not been included and they are blogging since 2013 and so on. Anyway, good work. The best in the list are Syed Faizan and Hassam Ahmad Awan <3

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