Will Facebook step into Crypto-World?

Will facebook step into crypto-world
In the past few years, you would have realized everybody’s looking to get their hands dirty with the cryptocurrency. In our blogs prior to this, we have discussed cryptocurrency, pros, and cons of cryptocurrency. But now we have something else to discuss. Will Facebook step into Crypto-World? We are all aware of the fact how good Mark Zuckerberg is to the community. Since he is always keen to bring new things on display and is a technology enthusiast. Rumors are Facebook CEO is considering to step into and make his own mark in the crypto world.
Not only that, the CEO of biggest Social Media Networking Website (Facebook) also had positive words over the impact the Bitcoin will be making in the near future. According to him, future business and other global problems could be solved through the cryptocurrency (acting as a key to the lock).
Recently, he posted on his own profile of Facebook, naming the cryptocurrency technology to be one among the most interesting questions of the day. And also claims he is looking further, to study and understand the technology as well as know the cons and pros.
Mark Zuckerberg even emphasized on the fact that the use of cryptocurrency will help in the elimination of fake news. People also think Zuckerberg is trying to catch up with the competitors Alibaba and WeChat that have mobile payments available. Taking Facebook to a different usage level for business organizations.

The Question: Will Facebook step into Crypt-world?

Mark Zuckerberg has not kept it a secret that Facebook Co-founder is a cryptocurrency fanatic. Which baffled most of the minds, into raising one question. That is, “will the Facebook have its own Cryptocurrency?
Here we will be discussing that will that comes into existence or if it should. & for that we have delved around the internet, learning cryptocurrency & merging it with the social media.
Let the fact alone, that a platform as powerfully enormous as Facebook having cryptocurrency or linked with a cryptocurrency will definitely have its potential.

What will Facebook need to do?

What are the odds that Facebook will face is another thing to look out for? Nothing is so easy, and with the cryptocurrency being a newly introduced form of currency. There are some aspects of digital money transfer still unknown to us. What will Facebook require to do? You ask. Well, the answer to this is, at first a huge sum of investments is required to be invested in the regards to understanding the blockchain (how it functions, how it is developed). So that they can figure out a way to integrate blockchain into their massive organization.

Facebook digital Currency Impact?

Facebook entering into the crypto world, will be a huge boost to this young and fresh technology. Thus, it can inspire others and motivate others in jumping into the world of cryptocurrency. Allowing them to invest and adapt to this technology of the future, globally. Keeping in mind Facebook has monthly 2 billion active users, which will be a game-changer for the reach of Facebook’s digital currency.



Mark Zuckerberg is always keen on understanding the newer things, to solve the basic puzzles of human life that baffle daily life. And to make it easier he is keen on bringing out new ideas, and investing in them, and shaping them into life. But the endeavor in the crypto world can be a huge step forward for not just Facebook & its users, but also the Crypto world. Giving cryptocurrency the vast exposure to masses will be ideal for both societies. But till now its only in the news, and we can’t really ascertain that to be happening. In case, if it’s the plan of Facebook, then we will surely love to have Facebook’s digital currency.

What basically are cryptocurrencies?

Understanding what is Cryptocurrency

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