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A horizon with endless limits, where anybody can convey what he/she imagines to the respected audience unlike other modes of communication where creator sometimes has limitations due to the platform.
A writer is a key element to any recipe for successful news, blog, and website which depends on the quality and tone, the message is conveyed. Writing is a hobby which some people like as a part-time but others want to earn a living through it. Hobbies are a leisure time activity that most people have and can be anything like writing, reading, playing, watching or something you think is worth its time and helps you to maintain focus towards other aspects of life as it helps you to distract from the tremendous workload.

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How to make writing a real thing:
So you love to write as many people do nowadays but never intended to do it in a professional manner or gave a thought about making it a real thing which provides bliss and money on the other hand.
If you are ambitious enough to write and think you can work professionally then apply for article writing jobs available across the internet and continue it with will and concentration which will distinguish your work and appeal the viewers.
Follow these steps:-


Generate your CV or Gig on different platforms and write about your work Experience:

If you have worked in the past anything related to writing include it in your job description or in your CV. Sometimes you even have to go through some tests to showcase your set of skills don’t worry as is it just like any other job interview conducted just to check your skills.

Find Platforms for article writing jobs:
Lots of platforms appeared in the last decade or so where writing is a preference among others not just that they pay to their writers a handsome amount depending on the experience and bulk of time working as a writer. Every website wants a writer which writes for them either for blogs, news, publishing or information depending on the site they have.

Many platforms are available to find work, just select the best (or post on as many as you like) and apply for a job. Some are:-

  • guru
  • up work
  • fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • LinkedIn
  • Online writing jobs

Write articles as a freelancer:
No wonder why freelancing has been an eye-catching in recent years with robustness, freedom and being boss of your own are the qualities provided without any limitations. So why don’t we avail this opportunity while it lasts and benefit us…
Writing an article looks like from the outer-shell that it will bind you to a larger extent of your time period without any relief.
Since the arrival of the internet everything is made possible and within your grasp and allowed article writing jobs to be available as a freelance work for individuals as well as for organizations.

Minimum wage does vary drastically, the amount of past experience and professional levels are the key factors whilst the quality of writing matters whether it is formal or an informal way etc.
Don’t get offended by the starting wage you get offered from different clients everybody needs a start somewhere.

Journey to become a Programmer

The question which arises in the mind of a person by looking and using such beautiful and well-developed websites and applications no matter the platform is to learn and create a same or a better version of it.
Many people might have already heard of the term ‘program’ which means a collection of data or instructions which perform different tasks as per given instructions. Programming is the collection of data or instructions used to create a program which will perform different tasks. A computing term used to express the developer’s ideas in the outer-world mainly with the intent to solve problems.

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What is Programming?
Programming is a fundamental aspect of the computing world which is used to develop and design a hardware/software for any platform and enable a user to develop whatever he/she may like with allowing to solve the problems of daily life.

Having learned what programming is. The question is how to become a programmer? To answer this some guidelines are listed below which will help you to become a programmer or improve your existing programming knowledge.

Learn computer science and computer system basics:
Don’t plan to write loads and loads of code without any basic knowledge about the environment and platform at which the program is developed the risk is not worth taking.

The computer is a vast field and the systems are outdated quick even before you program your first application. First, learn basics about the field of computer science and about computer systems before lunging onto the next steps.

Mathematical courses:
It is considered the structure of a software program with calculations involved to solve queries. Different courses like discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and calculus are involved individually or combined moreover having a brief knowledge about these subjects will enhance you in solving problems. Mathematics is integrated with programming and the syntax may vary as the programming language changes.

Learn to solve mathematical problems:
Whether you have the mathematical knowledge, learn to solve mathematical problems with your own techniques, methods, and approaches.

The programming for different platforms:

Type of programmer:
There are mainly two types of computer programmer software and hardware the hardware programmer writes lines of code to lay out the base in a computer system whereas the software programmer writes code that will run on the hardware. Below are some main fields of programming for development.

  • Website/web application programmer:

A web-based application or a website is published online to a large audience (sometimes to particular potential customers) which provides information or retrieves information from a user.

  • Desktop application programmer:

Applications that are merely designed for desktops and distributed to particular clients or purchased. The purpose of these apps is to fulfill the requirements of an individual.

  • Distributed programming:

This field of domain involves networking to explain more, the protocols and clients are involved in transferring messages from one network to another.
A computer is a machine which communicates with another computer through a network and this passage needs to be uniquely identified and written without obstruction.

  • Hardware system programming:

The structure required for a software to be written is the hardware which is like the bone structure in a human’s body allowing us to perform tasks. Just like that, the hardware is a system which allows the software to perform tasks.

Deeply about coding environment:
Coding environment is basically a platform or an IDE (a platform) which allows a computer programmer to write a code, some features provided by the platform are debugging, build tools and code editor.

Field of interest:
An aspect which prolongs your programming career depending on the field of interest you have with above-mentioned computer programming fields, some are important which will help you to start your programming career.

Specialize in your domain
Like a doctor specializes in a particular human body part same goes for a computer programmer. Select your specific field of domain whether you may like or it suits you and go pro with it.

Follow this guide and move step by step towards your dream on how to become a programmer with the correct knowledge about the environment, platform, and the language (which you will learn from time to time and after a period of programming). Soon you will be able to accomplish your goals.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Regarding Affiliate Marketing, it can be easily stated that this is the best system ever to take place. A place, where performance will be determining your success. You must be thinking and scratching your head with a question, asking yourself “What is working behind ir?” or “How Affiliate Marketing Works?” Well you have come to the right place. As we will be having a closer look into its working.
How does it work? Well, the affiliate gets the business new client. And for your effort, you receive your commission. The more the clients, the merrier the commission. Well it has been with for decades & hundreds of years. However, the modern technology has made it better accessible and easy in terms of tracking. The strategy involves three parties, advertiser (who sells products), publisher (which will be you who is marketing the product), consumer (who buys the product).
Understanding affiliate marketing is simple, consider you are promoting any web hosting service. You get $65 per every sale. And what you are going to do is use a particular link, whenever someone goes to the website through that link and buys the web hosting. You will be paid $65 for that sale.
Terms and conditions apply here, and they are to prevent abuse from other affiliate. That may try to trick the system. 
What Do You Need To Start?? From the technical aspects, you are just required to have a computer with an internet access with an email address. However, the main focus must be on the traffic generation. As the job is to get in front of people who are interested in buying a product and be a middleman. Use social media, paid advertising, blog or youtube channel but, the only limitation is your own creativity.
In order to begin you endeavor as an affiliate you should be asking yourself a few questions. Such as, What product should you be looking to promote?  Next question should be, Where to promote the product? Find where do people spend time online, and you should begin your affiliate on that platform. The final question is How to optimize the strategy? And transform it into an effective one.
With these in your mind, you will certainly find yourself a path to success in the affiliate business.

When to expect results?

One pro of this method is that you will see instant results. Supposedly, you run a blog and get started with promoting an affiliate today. You will see in real time, how many commissions you earn. This is the merit of affiliate marketing, that you can test your ideas quickly and see if they make money or not.

How much to Expect?

You might be giving a thought to the potential earnings of this strategy. Well let me assure you, biggest online marketers in any industry are the affiliate marketers. The main reason for this, is because affiliate marketing scalable.

Where Do I start?

For the initial step, you should be looking to get yourself an affiliate link. A good place to start is look at websites that you personally buy from. And see if they have an affiliate program. Then join in or go with a different route where you sign up for affiliate networks.(having multiple companies registered with them).

Now go along, get started with it, and make the initial steps to becoming successful most affiliate marketer. By selling and earning lots of commission in your pocket. Good luck.   

Blockchain Encyclopedia – All you have to know about?

What is Blockchain?

Modern day technology is aiding people communicate in an easier, and less complicated way. You can directly contact the person, without facing any obstacles in your path. Talking about communication means, that have also been evolved over the passing days, from posts to telegrams, telegrams to phone calls, phone calls to text messages, and from these messages to video calls. All is happening and is within the reach of your pockets, maintaining the trust between individuals no matter where they are.

Whereas, when this comes to the money, you have to put your trust in a third party. So that you can transact the money without facing any obstacles, safety issues, or theft threats. The Blockchain technology will affect the status quo’s fundamental nature. Using the maths & cryptography it provides the people with an open decentralized database (of transactions involving value). Be it money, goods, property of any sort or even votes. The main objective is to develop a record of details that can be authenticated and verified by the community (entire).
What is a Blockchain? Blockchain’s a chain of blocks containing information. It was originally brought upfront by researchers in order to time-stamp the (digital) documents. So that tampering them is not possible not even backdating them.
The future global economy will be seen moving towards the direction of distributed trust & property. Where only an internet connection will be required for users to enter the Blockchain based transaction. Making the third party organizations go obsolete, and no longer necessary for a money transaction. This technology offers and delivers uses that are considered endless as well as very fruitful.
People foretell, that this technology will be collecting taxes in the nearing years. As well as make transactions a lot simple, faster and easier for the immigrants to send back money back to their countries. Countries, where access to the financial institutions is limited. Which will be resulting in the decrease of financial fraud. Making your money and transaction safer than before as every of your transaction will be recorded on a distributed and a public ledger. That is accessible by anyone, having a secure internet connection. I may regard them as wills and the contracts, executing themselves. Or also dating proof of an existence for ideas, similar to the patents.
It is promising enough to become a decentralized source of trust, but at the moment not everybody’s willing to embrace it. Not because they don’t like it but they are not ready to let go of their old ways yet. A major portion of the trust services, be it banking or notaries, would face challenges on price, volume and their very survival. 
Public authorities can find this more difficult to enforce traditional financial regulations due to the new possibilities offered through the bitcoin network. Which will be bypassing traditional financial intermediaries. New networks that are currently unthinkable will come to existence and emerge to meet society’s needs and necessities more cheaply. Assuring them the transaction safety and security.
Question is will the governments, financial institutions and the legal institutions embrace the blockchain? And what would happen to those who don’t?

Understanding the Working: How does a Blockchain work?   

One thing that is certain is the power associated with the blockchain. Which has rapidly boosted the increase in its popularity globally. As aforementioned, it’s a distributed ledger that is open for all, anyone with an internet connection. Once a data has been put inside the blockchain, then it’s very difficult to change the data inside. You must be wondering, how would that work?
Let’s delve further into the technology, to gain a better understanding. Consider a block, each of the blocks carry specific data in them. Also they carry in them, the hash of the previous block as well as the hash of the block. The data that has been stored in the block will depend on the type of blockchain.
For example: A bitcoin blockchain, carries in it the transaction details, such as the sender, the receiver and the amount of transaction & coins.
What is a Hash? A hash can be compared with the fingerprint, as a hash identifies a block and its contents. One thing to remember, hash is always unique (same as the fingerprints). As soon as a block is created its hash is calculated. Changing something inside the block, will also cause the hash to change. That is a unique property. So in other words, hashes are important in case of detecting the changes in the block.  Once the fingerprint of a block changes, it will no longer be the same block.
The hash of the previous block is the third item, which is inside the block. This creates a chain of blocks, which is the technique that helps in creating a blockchain and keeping it together and also make it secure.
Though using hashes is not always that important and enough to prevent the tampering. Computers these days are fast and will easily calculate thousands and even hundreds of thousands of hashes per second. You can tamper a block and recalculate all hashes associated with other blocks to make this blockchain valid again.
For lessening the gravity of this situation, blockchains have “proof-of-work” as their rescuer. Proof-of-work is the working mechanism that slows down the process of a new block’s creation. In case of a bitcoin, it will take you up to 10 minutes to calculate the required proof-of-work & induct a new block in the chain. Proof-of-work makes it difficult to tamper with the blocks. As in case you tamper with one block, you’d be required to calculate the proof-of-work for all the blocks to follow.
So the proof-of-work and the hashing use, is where we get the security in our blockchains. Another way that is used in the blockchain technology in order to secure themselves, is by them being distributed.
Blockchains use the peer-to-peer network rather than using an entity (central) to manage the chain of blocks. Since it is a peer-to-peer network, anybody is allowed to join the network. Whenever someone joins a network, he will be getting a copy of the entire blockchain in that network. And the node can use this to verify that everything is in order.
Even if someone creates their own block in network, that newly created block will be sent to everybody in that particular network. Afterwards, each node will verify the block to ascertain the block’s not tampered with. And when everything will be checked out, each node will be adding the verified block to their own blockchain.
All the nodes in the network will create a consensus. They will agree about the blocks that are valid and that aren’t. The tampered blocks will of course be rejected, by the other nodes in the network. For tampering with a blockchain, you will be needed to tamper with all of the blocks present on the chain. Then recalculate the proof-of-work of each block, and take 50% control (or even more) of the peer-to-peer network. Only then the tampered block will be accepted by everybody present on the network. Which in my honest opinion seems impossible to be done, successfully.      
The blockchains, also evolve time after time. And one of the recent developments is the smart contracts. Smart contracts are the programs stored on blockchain. They can be used to exchange coins automatically based on conditions. Well smart contract is a topic of later to be discussed, and we will be doing it sooner.
The creation of this technology has gained interest of people all over the world. People are realizing with time, the fruitfulness of this technology. And this can be used for other things like storing the medical records, creating a digital notary, and even collecting taxes.
So now you acquired the knowledge of what a blockchain is, how a blockchain works on basic level and what problems do they solve.

Industries to embrace Blockchain technology?

 Blockchain without any doubt is one of the most promising technologies in the recent days and for the future. IBM had predicted by 2017 ends, 15% of the banks will embrace and use the blockchain technology. Here we will be talking about the technologies, and fields where blockchain can make an impact or already is. 

Industries, disrupting by the technology:

These are the industries that are seemed to be disrupted and affected by the recent popularity of this technology:


The blockchain technology can give people access to financial services, including the people of third world countries. Bitcoin allows anyone to transfer money across the globe within a span of seconds. Banks like Barclays, are working on adopting the blockchain technology in order to boost their business operation speeds, and make them efficient and secure.
Over the months, there has been a significant increase seen among the banks and their investments in blockchain startups and projects.

Cyber Security:

As we know the ledger of this technology is public, however the data is verified and also encrypted (that involves cryptography of an advanced higher level). Which secures the data, from being hacked changed without the authorization.

Supply Chain Management:

With this technology your transactions are documented in a decentralized record (permanent) also monitored securely. Resulting in reducing the time delays faced & the human errors. This will essentially help in understanding also controlling the environmental impact of products. By tracking the products from their origin, it can also authenticate the fair trade status.


Blockchain is promising enough to change and evolve the entire approach to research, analyzing and forecasting. There are efforts recorded to be creating a decentralized global prediction markets. This will be helpful in placing bets on anything be it sports, or stocks, or even elections.

Networking & IOT:

Huge companies, such as Samsung & IBM are working on creating centralized network of IOT devices, which operate like a public ledger for a large number of devices. Which will be eliminating the need for a central location to handle the communications between them. Devices will be empowered to communicate with each other directly enabling them to update software, manage the bugs and also monitor the usage of energy.


Since we all know the Insurance Market is rooted on the trust management. Blockchain however, is a newer, efficient and reliable way of managing trust. It can be used to identify many kinds of data in the insurance contracts.

Private transport:

Blockchain can also be used to develop a decentralized app (peer to peer), allowing car owners and users to arrange the terms & conditions in a secure way. Eliminating the third party provider requirements. The creation of e-wallets can allow car owners to automatically pay for parking highway tolls and electricity top-ups to the vehicle.

Data Storage:

The data that is present on a centralized, is vulnerable to hacking, loss of data and human errors causing disasters. The use of Blockchain technology in the cloud storage will it make it safer and robust against hack attacks.


The common problems and troubles that we see in charity is the inefficiency and corruption happening globally. That is preventing the money from reaching those who are in need of humanity’s aid. This technology can be used in tracking the donations, assuring you that your money is ending up in the right hands.


Voting is one of the most important areas of society that the blockchain will disrupt and affect. Many places globally, we see the political contesting parties rigging the elections, or being accused of rigging the rights and trust of people to vote. The blockchain technology can be used for the voter registration, verification as well as the counting of votes. That will ultimately ensure that only the legitimate votes are counted and no votes are changed or removed. Creating an immutable, publicly viewable ledgers of the votes recorded will result in fairer elections and democratic.

My view:

The above mentioned are 10 of the many industries that will be benefited by the advancements of blockchain in that prospect. Evolving them to a newer height, and benefiting the people more than ever before. It’s about time we see people endorsing, and embracing this technology of the future, as later on we will have to do so willingly or not.

OPPO F5 – What’s New?

OPPO got great market exposure since the day it got launched in the mobile phone world, with impressive demands for camera phones in today’s market they did chose to launch camera featured phones at much less price what others demanded from its customers which made them even more eye-catching than others and made them popular in the Asian region where everyone tried to get their hands on. Another mobile phone launched in the last quarter of the previous year with just under the same category of oppo camera phone is OPPO F5.
A quick and deep review of this phone will help you to make the decision whether to spend your hard earned money on something which is worth it or not.

OPPO F5’s Design and Looks:
Firstly, everybody wants to know the design, the shape a phone features. This mobile phone has a sleek unibody smooth back surface providing you a great feel for this phone with curvy edges atop and bottom. The front design features a 6-inch screen with less side bezel which almost covers the frame, with 18:9 screen ratio. Atop lies the camera. On the right-side are a nano sim and micro sd card holder with a capacity to use 2 sims at a time.
The back of the phone holds the camera and flash at the top and a fingerprint scanner in the center of the frame. Bottom of the phone has a 3.5mm audio jack and a charging port and speakers next to it.

Build and Chip Design:
Launched at the end of the previous year this oppo camera phone Operating System is ColorOS 3.2, but does not come with the latest Android version which is Android 7.1 nougat whilst others are launching Android 8.0 Oreo. The chip design is ARM Mali G71 MP2 770 MHz and the processor is Octa-core MT6763T made.
The screen is AMOLED technology LCD display touchscreen.

System Specs:
With a choice of 4gb and 6gb ram available for this phone, the storage capacity is 32gb with an option that can be expanded up to 256gb externally. The 3200mAh battery gives you quite a lot time till the next recharge with a 2amp charger.

Most boasted feature from the company itself in its almost all the phones including this is the camera with a new A.I beauty technology introduced from the company that integrated it with a 20MP front camera and 16MP back camera for astonishing photos no matter the place and time. Everyone nowadays wants a phone that fulfills the need for an almost perfect picture they can click with spending much less than what others do.

The phone is available in different colors as the choice of Ram changes. For F5 4GB ram: Gold and Black colors are available and for F5 6GB: Red and Black color.

Overall Experience:
Looking at the price of this phone which starts at around $280 is quite satisfying with the number of features provided by the company. With lots of competition in the mobile market, it is challenging to offer the best technology keeping the price in mind, this oppo camera phone is a good bargain overall.

Water Pollution! a gift for the next generation

Water, a basic necessity to all the living things on this planet is getting contaminated day by day and the life which inhabits on it is deeply disrupted. As the earth contains 3/4 of water which is probably the biggest reason for living things to be alive and every living thing depends on this natural resource. Oceans across the world are getting polluted at a large scale and the biggest culprit behind this mess is none other than the humans themselves.
A humungous amount of plastic gets produced every year which is a big shareholder in polluting the water as loads and loads of trash gets dumped into the ocean every minute and the total amount looks even scarier, millions of tons of plastic get devoured by the oceans every year and the sea life is a major concern whether the species might exist in the years to come.
What is plastic?
Plastics are manufactured (human-made) materials, made from polymers, the molecules of plastic contains various carbon atoms, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen filling in the spaces. A polymer is a molecule made from combining a smaller molecule called a monomer. Poly means many, so polymer is basically a combination of many monomers. Think about a house made up of many bricks each brick is the monomer and the resulting house is the polymer which is made from many bricks (monomers).
Biodegradation is a process “the metabolic breakdown of materials into smaller components by living organisms or microorganisms”.
Depending on the type of material and environment, the time to complete biodegradation may vary. Plastics takes hundreds and hundreds of years to complete its decomposition, because of the polymers that combine to make up its chemical structure.
Global Impact:
The impact of plastic pollution in the oceans varies and affect multiple domains of species whether living in the sea or not.
-Animals & Fishes:
Animals & Fishes use the sea as their home, to drink or to travel across the shores etc.
Shoals of fish die due to the cause of eating plastic thrown into the sea. It is researched that the fishes don’t die just by eating plastic but the plastic eaten is not metabolized due to the weak metabolism of these species resulting them not to eat for many days as they feel eaten all the time which starves them to death or by suffocating made by the plastic which gets stuck down the throat.
-The Food Chain:
An important aspect which keeps the world going through many phases of time, but due to mass damage to marine life by the pollution, the small breed fishes aren’t able to reproduce. Damaging the food chain in the sea as well as on land.
Low levels of BPA and PS oligomer have been proven to cause hormone disruption in animals. Scientific research has shown many results about the disruption of metabolism in human and animals.
Heart diseases, diabetes, abnormally high levels of certain liver enzymes and chemical levels in urine are affected.
-Coral Reefs:
Often associated with the term “Rainforests of the sea”. Coral reefs are sea animals which are made up of rocks and leaves. Corals are important for the sea life but the plastic pollution in the ocean destroys many corals by getting attached to the head of coral and ripping it off with huge tides.
Countries which mostly rely on their sea trade with other nations are heavily affected by the disrupted sea trade in the past decade or so.
Some facts about plastic pollution and ways to reduce it.
Facts About Water Pollution:
  • At least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year.
  • There is more micro plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way.
  • 322 million tons of plastic were produced in 2015.
  • Almost 80 percent of marine litter is plastic-based.
  • More than 50 percent of sea turtles have consumed plastic.
  • The average U.S. citizen consumes 167 plastic water bottles each year but only 25 percent of them are recycled.
  • The quatntity for plastic pollution in the ocean may increase 10 times in the next decade.
  • 15 million children under the age of five die each year because of diseases caused by drinking water.
  • Plastic waste pollutes water drastically and is causing a huge destruction in marine life and it is believed almost 100,000 sea mammals, birds and various types of fishes die each year.
  • The aquatic animals have an estimated extinction rate five times more than that of land animals.
Ways to reduce or limit the waste:
1. Stop buying disposable bottles
2. Take your own household equipment when going hiking or to seaside
3. Boycott micro beads (a form of plastic) used in various products
4. Ask marts or shops to use paper or cardboard bags
5. Reuse your products at home
6. Buy items in cardboard boxes
7. Bring your own shopping bags for shopping
Awareness & Concern:
A concern towards the marine life as some fishes and mammals may become extinct in the years to come and some are already endangered species especially the small species which face difficulty reproducing.
Strive towards protecting the water which is the core necessity required for any living thing on this planet to live, the earth which contains about 70% of water but only 2.5% of water is freshwater and the world dreads that in the coming decade large amount of population will be affected by the shortage of drinking water.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro – Whats New?

Xiaomi seems to be on an errand to take the cheap smartphone to a new level with their redmi 3 pro. Redmi 3 pro incorporates all the great features. However, Xiaomi added some significant upgrades to the redmi 3 pro device. In this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons, the goods and the bads, merits & demerits of Xiaomi’s redmi 3 pro in detail.


Redmi 3 pro is as same as the redmi 3, nothing really changed except for the fact that Xiaomi added a fingerprint scanner on the back. It is very accurate and it works straight from the standby mode. Once they first pick the phone up I noticed that the build quality is actually slightly better than the redmi 3. There is no major difference but the buttons are slightly better tactile feedback and there are absolutely no moving parts on the device. We have the same button placement, the same parts camera, and it is the same phone in terms of the design as the redmi 3 except for fingerprint scanner.
Coming to the hardware, redmi 3 pro has improved as compared to the redmi 3. It consists the same octa-core snapdragon 616 chip with maximum clock speeds of 1.5 gigahertz. However, now we are getting 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of expandable storage via the microsd card slot.
The gaming performance is sufficing, as well as it runs perfectly on the medium graphics. There were just a few minor skipped frames on the highest graphics settings. So you can enjoy playing the most demanding games on the redmi 3 pro. It comes with mei 7.2 that has been built on top of android 5.1. Hopefully Xiaomi updates this phone to marsh mellow soon. UI is the same as on any other Xiaomi phone. As usual, no app tray and all apps rest on the redmi 3 pro’s home screen. In case you are not yet familiar with the MI UI, it has tons of features customization options that consist a wide choice of a themes, wallpapers, fonts and so on.
Also you can customize the LED light, assign different tasks, so capacitive buttons do various tweaks and personalize the phone in a lot of different ways. As far as the loudspeaker it is pretty good too. Not the best, but it has the reasonable amount of depth and it does not sound tinny like some other cheap phones.


            The 13 Megapixel camera takes pictures very fast and that is thanks to the face detection autofocus.
Also I have notices slight improvement over the redmi 3 and that’s all due to the updated software. The camera has become more consistent with daylight shots and doesn’t struggle with focusing. If you take pictures in good lighting you can achieve some great results. The images are sharp and detailed almost every time you take a photo. The only downsides are that sometimes there is a software focus on the corners. And the dynamic range was off in a few shots. The indoor and low-light shots have less detail and more noise but they are still not bad for the phone this cheap before you compare the redmi 3 pro to other devices. The video quality is good but not great, the level of detail is decent. There is some noise in the video, the footage could have more sharpness. The lack of optical image stabilization leads to a kind of shaky footage. Well I consider it is too much to ask for optical image stabilization in budget phone.


 All the connectivity options were great, everything is okay, in terms of quality. The signal reception is excellent. Aslo the Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth are working fine however, I was disappointed that the phone does not support 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection.

The battery life is fantastic. I could not squeeze the battery out in one day even on a heavy usage that involved gaming, installing lots of apps, watching a lot of videos, taking pictures, browsing the web and so on. I was able to achieve over seven hours of screen on time with a maximum auto brightness setting of the screen. Which means you can achieve even more impressive results if you reduce the brightness or don’t use the phone that heavily.                
Finally Xiaomi claims that the Redmi 3 pro has a fast charging feature. Xiaomi redmi 3 pro is an upgraded model over the redmi 3. It has preserved the great looks of the redmi 3 and it even spars a better build quality. Right now the phone feels more solid, in the hand. Also the addition of a fingerprint scanner which is by the way pass inaccurate is a great feature to have in a compact phone.

UI Display

You may not see a major difference in terms of the UI or gaming performance with the additional 1 giga of RAM or more storage space. But, these specs make the redmi 3 pro more solid and future-proof device. The daylight image quality seems to have become more consistent and that is thanks to the software optimization. However, don’t expect any seller results in low-light scenarios. Some might agree some might not, but if you ask me I would have loved to see backlit capacitive buttons on the pro model.
Also while the 720 p display is pretty good and spectacular. The 1080p panel would have better justified the pro moniker.


All in all the Xiaomi Redmi 3 pro is a very solid device and very hard to beat in this price range. It brought some welcome features and slight improvements over the redmi 3 and it is highly recommended to buy it if youre in the market of great affordable smartphones.

Will Facebook step into Crypto-World?

In the past few years, you would have realized everybody’s looking to get their hands dirty with the cryptocurrency. In our blogs prior to this, we have discussed cryptocurrency, pros and cons of cryptocurrency. But now we have something else to discuss.  We are all aware of the fact how good Mark Zuckerberg is to the community. Since he is always keen to bring new things on display, and is an technology enthusiast. Rumors are Facebook CEO is considering to step into and make his own mark in the crypto world.
Not only that, the CEO of biggest Social Media Networking Website (Facebook) also had positive words over the impact the Bitcoin will be making in the near future. According to him, future business and other global problems could be solved through the cryptocurrency (acting as a key to the lock).
Recently, he posted on his own profile of Facebook, naming the cryptocurrency technology to be one among the most interesting questions of the day. And also claims he is looking further, to study and understand the technology as well as know the cons and pros.
Mark Zuckerberg even emphasized on the fact that the use of cryptocurrency will help in the elimination of fake news. People also think, Zuckerberg is trying to catch up with the competitors Alibaba and WeChat that have mobile payments available. Taking Facebook to a different usage level for business organizations.

The Question: Will Facebook have its own Cryptocurrency?

Mark Zuckerberg has not kept it a secret that Facebook Co-founder is a cryptocurrency fanatic. Which baffled most of the minds, into raising one question. That is, “will the Facebook have its own Cryptocurrency?
Here we will be discussing that will that come into existence or if it should. & for that we have delved around the internet, learning cryptocurrency & merging it with the social media.
Let the fact alone, that a platform as powerfully enormous as Facebook having cryptocurrency or linked with a cryptocurrency will definitely have its potential.

What will Facebook need to do?

What are the odds that Facebook will face is another thing to look out for. Nothing is so easy, and with the cryptocurrency being a newly introduced form of currency, there are some aspects of digital money transfer still unknown to us. What will Facebook require to do? You ask. Well the answer to this is, at first a huge sum of investments is required to be invested in the regards to understanding the blockchain (how it functions, how it is developed). So that they can figure out a way to integrate blockchain into their massive organization.

Facebook digital Currency Impact?

Facebook entering into the crypto world, will be a huge boost to this young and fresh technology. Thus, it can inspire others and motivate others in jumping into the world of cryptocurrency. Allowing them to invest and adapt to this technology of the future, globally. Keeping in mind Facebook has monthly 2 billion active users, which will be a game-changer for the reach of Facebook’s digital currency.


Mark Zuckerberg is always keen on understanding the newer things, to solve the basic puzzles of human life that baffle daily life. And to make it easier he is keen in bringing out new ideas, and investing on them, and shaping them into life. But the endeavor in crypto world, can be a huge step forward for not just Facebook & its users, but also the Crypto world. Giving cryptocurrency the vast exposure to masses will be ideal for the both societies. But till now its only in the news, and we can’t really ascertain that to be happening. In case, if it’s the plan of Facebook, then we will surely love to have Facebook’s digital currency. 

Pinnacle Inventions for future

The new technological era shapes the future splendidly as every moment passes by with a variety of technologies and innovations occurring in present time. Since the development of the wheel which is to believe the biggest invention of human history among all the discoveries occurring through-time. Inventing and designing things haven’t stopped since it is in the human nature to raise questions about any possible object or a living thing which leads us towards inventing new things. Technologies are not invented in a blink of an eye(a metaphor) but in months, years or even lifetime of hard work of its inventor which makes it achievable, to be able to portray the desire, skills, and motivation behind the technology which is invented.
New technology inventions isn’t a hoax but a reality which is made possible through hard work and dedication. New technology inventions are accomplished to make not only the dreams of its creator possible but to make everyone’s life much easier and to be able to live a better much purposeful life.
Through time new technologies are invented and in this modern era of tech, the inventions are being made so quickly that sometimes the past technology invented is depreciated. Let’s discuss some of the cool technologies which can shape future of thousands and millions at an instance and improve our ecosystem, and communication and decrease the cost eventually.

Edible Water:
The question popping right after hearing this will be since when did water become edible? This edible water is a blob-like water container made from sodium alginate gel which lasts better than any other water. The purpose of inventing this was to increase eco-friendly environment due to the vast amount of plastic bottles being constructed every day by the companies. It is estimated at 450 years plastic decompose organically. Those countries with the shortage of water can be helped by these blobs in distributing safe and healthy water to its residents.

A wearable external suit for a human enhancing the strength and flow in a person’s body. A suit designed and powered by electric motors, and hydraulics to help people move with a greater force.
This invention was done in order to improve the movements and postures of disabled people to enhance and make their everyday life better.

Cloud Computing:
The literal meaning of this is the data we send to the server is calculated and send elsewhere to be stored.
Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. Companies which provide cloud servers simply charge for the amount of service being provided.
A cloud-based server can be accessed by mobile and web.
Some of the benefits of cloud computing are:
– Cost
The cost for buying hardware and software for data servers is diminished and the cost for electricity bills also.

– Speed
Cloud servers are faster than the physical servers depending on the type of service being provided.

– Reliability
Data becomes more reliable as compared to others as the datacenters used to store the data can be duplicated and stored as a mirror image in-case of future disasters.

Self-Driving Trucks and Cars:
The possible future of human-driven vehicle is the self-driving capability of a vehicle. Cost of human life and fuel is the major part which will make the human-driven cars extinct and give self-driven cars more exposure towards society. As more and more companies work towards the automated driving of a vehicle due to the increase in accidents and fuel consumption. Two major competitors of the motor world Trucks and Cars which are widely driven type of vehicle across the globe and companies are working hard to make these self-driven but what are the cons which make us think of revolutionizing the vehicle world.
1- Accidents
2- Fuel
Humans tend to make mistakes and these mistakes can be costly taking human life with just one thrust of a pedal. Fuel is the also the key factor as automated cars will cover the routes even quicker without getting stuck in traffic with more efficient knowledge of roads.
We’ll just have to wait and see whether this technology will bring robustness or be a downfall.

Technology is one of few things in our world which has evolved over time and with the thinking of moving forward. Not every invention is a complete package towards glory but a chunk of what is to be achieved in the future. Technology has always been pivotal in inventions and globalization and about future technology:
“Expect some unexpected things in the time to come”. 

Shop at Go without Paying

Today we’ll discuss a new product launched by the famous retailers Amazon, having set foot in the physical book market previous year they are moving forward towards new ideas now even faster.
Who doesn’t like to shop at just a Go and skip the rest standing in a queue for billing part aside…well then your problem has just been solved by Amazon Go technology being officially launched for public earlier this month on 22nd of January in Seattle where the Amazon headquarters resides. Your shopping time won’t prolong much here as the purpose of this store is to minimize the time taken to shop at a grocery store and to encourage people to shop without any barrier.
Here we’ll share what is this product, how this product works, what technology this product uses, and much more.

What is Amazon Go:

An environment made for customers to grab whatever they may wish to buy with no cash registers and cashiers starring at you at the time of your exit as if you were stealing, this place is fully packed with cameras and sensors which monitor the products when moved in or out of the shelf and leave without on-time payments to be made.

How it works:

The way to shop for products here is a quite different experience which you may encounter unlike at other stores, as you will be needing an Amazon account and an Amazon Go app on your mobile phone to gain an access to the store. IOs and Android phones can download the application for Amazon Go from their respective stores i.e Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore etc.
People can enter the store with their phones that have this app installed, can shop freely as much as they want and will be charged for only those products which they take. After shopping just carry the items you intend to take with you and feel free to get out of the store anytime which will generate the bill slip sent to your mobile phone after leaving the store. No cashier means no cash register resulting in no stress to stand in-line and wait for turn this is impressive and attracting to those who are busy and have less time to schedule grocery shopping or to host a quick dinner for some friends as this store has a system embedded to also tell you about the list of items needed for quick 30 minutes of cooking.


Amazon boasts about the technology that their system uses computer vision, sensor vision, and machine learning. To explain it more, computer vision is the technology used by the store allowing cameras to see what item is being picked and who has picked it to determine the customer which is combined with the sensor technology which senses the type of product and much more.
The store is fully loaded with a bunch of cameras atop of the shelves or around the store which keeps track of the products being picked or returned. If a product which is been picked by a customer than that item is at instance added to the shopping list of the customer and removed when the product is returned to the shelf.

What products Amazon Go offer at the store?
A wide range of menu for meals throughout your days like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. Grocery ranges from daily necessity items like bread, milk, cheese, and chocolates. Quick home-cooked dinner, chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits, can be purchased with all the ingredients you need to make for a meal.

Final verdict:
Launching this product will help people who are either lazy or busy to do shopping with less time to waste and quick purchasing at this platform moreover with the increase in a potential market of the system with no cashier, this may affect the jobs of 3.5 million Americans according to a survey who work as cashiers for different stores. Amazon insisted global market on not being affected by this as they say we have workers here also who perform different tasks such as helping the customers, filling the shelves with products, monitoring etc. Opinion about Amazon Go technology, to be precise “A place worth visiting”.