Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home in 2016

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home
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As a student or as a housewife, a question which comes to the mind is “How to Make Money Online”, So In this article, I’m going to answer all these questions by telling ” Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home”.
There are lots of methods to earn money online, but they all are not professional and legal. Some of the peoples are earning online by making others fool.Some of them are doing spamming, frauds to make them rich.But don’t worry I’m going to tell you all the professional methods which are 100% legal and ethical.

1- Blogging

Blogging is one of the convenient way to earn money online from home. A blog is a place where you can share your thoughts.It can be thought as a website with frequent updates on daily/weekly/ basis.A person who runs a blog is called “Blogger”.One of the handy way of doing blogging is to write articles on any topic in which you have an interest. Let’s say, a person has a keen interest in fashion So he can start his blog and write articles on any topic related to fashion.

To earn money online from a blog you can apply for different publishers who gives you the commission on displaying their ads on your blog.Some of the famous ones are Google Adsense, Infolinks,Chitika, etc.
There are different platforms to create a blog but some of the top platforms are:
Blogger (Best for Beginners)

2- Freelancing

Freelancing is another authentic source of online earning. If you have any skill like Web Development, Graphic Designing, Video editing, Photoshopping, Programming, etc then you can easily earn money online from home by doing jobs related to your skill.
There are lot of Freelancing website exists where you can find the suitable jobs but some of the famous one’s are:


3- Affiliate Marketing:

In simple terms, Affiliate marketing means promoting other products/services to get a commission on each sale.Basically, In affiliate marketing, you have to promote a product and whenever anyone buy that product from your referral link , you earn a commission on that. 
There are different websites which provide complete platform to make money online via affiliate marketing. Some of the popular one’s are:

4- Teaching Online:

If you have some skills and wants to teach that skills, then there is a big opportunity for you to earn money online by teaching others.There are different websites available where you can create and sell you course. 
Some of the popular one’s are: 

5- Domain/Website Selling:

You can generate a huge amount of income by selling your newly or old domains and websites.There are lots of platforms  available which provides you the opportunity to list your domain or website for sale.some of the best ones are:

6- App Selling

If you are good at programming and can develop apps for Mobiles and PC, then there are many websites present where you can earn money by selling apps .some of the top app selling websites are:
– Flippa

7- Playing Games

If you are a game lover then this is for you.There are number of websites exits where you can earn money by playing web based games

– Game Testers
– Gamesville
– Exodus
– Slingo
– Teamliquid

8- Captcha Entry:

These are typing jobs which does not require any special skills. A basic internet connection and a good typing speed is enough for these jobs. Basically,you have to type provided captcha correctly in order to make money. Normally the rates are 1000 captcha for 1 dollar.
Some of the famous captcha entry sites are:

9- Uploading Files:

This is another opportunity to generate a huge amount of income. Through this method you can earn money online by uploading files and whenever someone download that file,you earn the commission. These types of websites are also called PPC (Pay Per Upload).
Some of the top PPC websites are:
– Ziddu

10- PTC Websites:

Personally I don’t like them but still they can generate good income. PTC sands for Paid Click,In these websites you can earn money by viewing advertisement,completing offers and tasks,playing games,referring others etc.
Some of the Popular PTC Website are:
– Neobux
– Buxp

Final Words:

So that was a complete and huge list of top 10 ways to earn money online.As internet is like ocean,similarly earning methods are not limited,beside these methods,there are still lot’s of methods are missing but it is not possible to list them all at once.I will try to mention all the possible ways gradually in my upcoming articles.
One more thing which you have to remember is that, if you follow the ways which I have mention (Specially Top 6),and start to work on them with passion then believe me there is no need to do any physical job since online earning has lot of potential and income Even there are lot of professional present today who have quiet their jobs to earn money online from home.

So, Start Working Online From Today and Become Your Own Boss !!

Difference between Virus,Worm,Trojan and Spyware?

difference between Virus, Worm, Trojan and Malware

The most common mistake which peoples do is that they think that Computer Virus, Worm, Malware, Trojan horse and Spyware all are same, so they used them interchangeably. The real scenario in entirely different, these all types of threats are distinct from each other and In this article, I am going to give you a brief overview of what they are? And what is the difference between Virus, Worm, Trojan and Spyware?

Computer Virus:

What is Computer Virus?
Computer Virus is a program which attaches itself to another program to infect a computer. Most of the computer viruses attach themselves to executable files, so next time if you see a mp3 file with an extension look like .mp3.exe probably means that the file is infected with a virus. Most of the computer virus becomes active only when a user opens some infected file. As human virus which spreads human to humans, PC virus similarly travels from computer to computer. They can do several high to low priority damages to the computer includes data corruption, file loss, file modification, etc.
It is a good way to install any antivirus program.So, whenever any file is affected with virus, it alerts and remove that virus.
Do You Know?

The first computer virus was “CREEPER” which was an experimental program created by Bob Thomas.however, the first widespread PC virus was “BRAIN” which was created by the two Pakistani brothers Basit Farooq and Amjad Farooq to protect the piracy of the software which they made.

Computer Worm:

Computer Worm and Difference Between Virus and Worm
Unlike a virus, computer worm does not harm or corrupt any files but still they are much dangerous then virus. They are dangerous because they spread rapidly from one computer to another computer without the knowledge of the user and create unnecessary spaces, files, shortcuts’, etc. In addition to that, they also create unnecessary bandwidth for servers and other networks which can cause them to stop working.

There are many worms attacks have been recorded. Some of the notable attacks were: Melissa (which crash servers by sending users unknown emails causing million of dollars loss), Blaster, I Love You, SQL Slammer(which shut down the internet for a short span of time, In Korea Internet remain disconnected for almost 6 hours).

Difference between Virus and Worm ?

The main difference between virus and worm is that, computer virus only spreads when a user opens some affected file whereas computer worm spreads even without the knowledge of the user. In addition to that, a computer virus can corrupt files, folders, etc. whereas worm does not harm any file instead it creates additional space, files, shortcuts.

Trojan Horse:

What is Trojan Horse?

The Trojan horse threat is named after a mythological Trojan War b/w Greeks and Troy’s. In that war, some men’s of Greek entered into the Troy city by hiding under the wooden horse (Trojan horse) and thus they attacked troy’s after fooling them. The Trojan horse threat works as same. They are some sort of programs which looks like an original and safe software’s but in real these software’s has some back doors which are used to bypass the security of the user system.Software creators used that back doors to attack the victim system.
Do you know?
Crack software’s are one of the weapons used for Trojan attack.


What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of software which is installed on user computer without his/her knowledge. These types of software’s are used to collect any user information without his/her knowledge. They are mostly used for the purpose of advertisement. Some examples of spyware are Pop Ups Ad, Unnecessary browser extensions, Key loggers, etc. However, some sorts of spyware software also called adware are legal which are mostly use with free trials of software’s.

An Illustration of Different Threat Attacks:

Virus Vs Worm Vs Trojan horse

After reading this article, I hope now you will have a clear idea about the difference between Virus,Worm,Trojan horses,Spyware.If you have any suggestions/thoughts regarding this article then feel free to mentioned them in comments.

Give me one favor,share this article as much as u can to spread the knowledge !

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What is Wireless Communication and 4G/3G/2G/1G Technology

What is Wireless Communication
In today’s world without communication the world is almost nothing, but do you know communication was much more different in earlier days. Mobile phones were not same as today, Internet access through mobiles was not much efficient as today until wireless communication came into existence.Moreover, the price of the cell phones was too high that an ordinary person was not able to buy the mobile phones. But today scenario is entirely different because of the increasing growth in technology. Nevertheless, the World has seen many growing mobiles technologies in Wireless communication includes 1G,2G,3G,4G and In this article I am going to give you a brief overview of what are 3g,4G,2G,1G technologies and what are the differences b/w them.
Although the invention of the telephone using electric wires solved the problem for communication but as people always want more, the desire to establish communication without using any cable was born. So the result of this desire was a “Wireless Technology” which was just a revolution in communication.
So before going further let me explain what really this technology is?

 As the word suggest “Wire Less” means without wire. Wireless Communication Technology is a type of technology in which sender and receiver communicate without using wires as a medium. Instead of wires, radio waves are used as a medium for creating communication b/w them. So calling through your mobile phone to another mobile phone is a type of wireless communication. Similarly, browsing the internet without the cable using WIFI, transferring data from one device to another device using Bluetooth, all are the examples of wireless communication.

What is 1G ?

What is 1G Technology
1G (First Generation), introduced in 1980’s was the very first generation of the wireless technology. It was first started in Japan then gradually it spreads to the different parts of the world. The speed of the 1G technology was up to 2.4kbps (Kilo Bits/Second) which in today’s’ means downloading a 3mb file in almost 200 minutes.There were many disadvantages of 1G mobiles phones like they lacked behind in voice calls with very low quality, network availability was only available within the country, etc.Moreover, very large phones were needed with no special security.

What is 2G ?

What is 2G Technology
As 1G was lacking behind in many features,2G technology was started in Finland in 1991.Digital signals were used for 2G which assures the strong network availability for the mobile phone users. The another most important features of this technology was the text messaging and MMS service for the first time in cell phones history. 2.5G was the improved version of 2G which overcomes many issues in 2G.In addition to that, Internet access was made available in 2.5G.Its speed was up to 64kbps to 144kbps which means downloading a 3mb file in 6-8 minutes. 2G become so much popular that even today many of peoples in the world uses 2G Cellular network because of it’s cheap and good quality service.

What is 3G ?

What is 3G Technology
3G refers to 3rd Generation, was started in 2000’’s Standard speed is up to 3Mbps/s but can vary depending on the area 3G coverage.Its speed is almost five times faster than 2G.It enables mobile phones users specifically smartphones users to browse the internet at a rapid speed, downloading large files in less time.Stream Tv/HD videos etc.Although in it’s initial phase, it was not available to most of the countries of the world but gradually the supported countries have increased much, However still today, it is not available in many less developed countries.The biggest disadvantage of 3G is that it needs more power which can reduce battery life.

What is 4G ?

Difference between 4G and 3G
Refers to 4th Generation,4G technology is the 4th Generation of Wireless Technolgy.The difference between 3G and 4G is speed,4G is ten times faster than 3G and is capable of providing 100 MBps
speed. Similarly like 3g it’s speed also vary in different countries depending on the area 4G coverage.The LTE at the end of 4G stands for Long-Term Evolution, which is the standard for wireless technologies of high-speed data. Some of the features of 4G, includes HD video calling, HD
video streaming and much more.

What is 5g ?

5g which would be the 5th Generation of Wireless Communication is expected to arrive between 2020-2025.However, South Korea would see a trial of 5G in 2017(expected).

Final Words:

So that was a brief overview of what is wireless communication and what are 3g,4G,2G,1G technologies.Although the world has already seen high-speed internet but the main problem is that as the generation goes forward, the disadvantages become more and more.As 3G and 4G speeds are excellent but they need more and more battery power.More Over they are not cheap as 2G was, that’s why 3G and 4G are still to come in less developed countries.The hope is that 5G would solve all of these problems so that it would be cheaper for anyone use and will be available to the majority of the countries.In addition to that, it should also overcome all the technical problems includes battery power consuming, etc.
So that was enough from my side, now it’s your turn, mentioned your thoughts in comments !