Why Prisma is So Popular ?

After Pokeman Go, Prisma is another tending app for smart phones users nowadays. It has attracted million of users in a very short span of time. The reasons of Prisma popularity are many and in this article we are going to talk about some of the secrets to know Why Prisma is So Popular.

What is Prisma and How It Works:

Prisma is a photo editing app launched by a Russian Developer Alexey Moiseenkov in June 2016. Initially it was only available for IOS user then and later on In July it was made public for android users too. After its release it becomes the top smart phone app in Russia and its neighboring countries.
Prisma app transforms your photo digitally to some of the popular artist paintings(artworks) like Van Gogh’s, Picaso and Many More. Unlike other photo editing apps like Instagram which only add a a new layer of filter to apply effect to Image, Prisma use the concept of artificial Intelligence and Neutral network through which it creates the artwork of an image from scratch instead of adding a new layer of filter to the original image.
The thing which makes Prisma unique is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Neutral Networks.In simple terms, AL and NN are the type of technologies which enables the machines to think and make decision as human do. In Prisma,these techniques are used to let machine identify original images and repaint them according to the selected artwork. This process is same like a painter who creates a painting from scratch.
Users can directly capture image from Prisma after selecting the artwork or they can choose any picture from their camera roll to turn the image into their favorite painting. The app provides up to 33 artwork filters and according to the founder more will be added in future.
During the process of artwork creation,Original image is also stored on the server of Prisma for a short span of time to improve the Prisma algorithm efficieny. The server of Prisma is located in Moscow,Russia.


The developers of Prisma are also working to expand the concept of art work to video and virtual reality. According to the Co-founder, the video version in under development but he is not ready yet to give details about the release date and its functions except a 360 degree Image on Facebook posted by CO-founder to provide a glimpse of how video art work will work in future.
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