iPhone X – Review

iPhone X, possibly the most highlighted and talked issue in the passing year. Everyone everywhere was found talking about it. Not only that but the technology that the iPhone X is going to offer, what new tools will be found, will there be major changes?
Well to discuss these changes we are giving out to you our very own iPhone X review.
Saying iPhone X or iPhone 10 is a big departure from the norm is putting it mildly. Apple has essentially redefined what it means for an iPhone to be an iPhone. Obviously, if this many changes means a lot could have gone wrong but thankfully that wasn’t the case. It is not perfect but it is the proof that the old ways of thinking aren’t the only ones worth music as always.

Design & Features:

Let’s start with the design. The iPhone X is an impeccably built machine from the seamless way the front and back glass are joined to the body. With an extra reassuring way of the stainless steel. Apple used to build the frame. Long story short, it is what the $1000 iPhone should feel like.
One thing you can’t underestimate Apple for is the high-quality devices they build. It will, however, be a little weird to use if you are coming from an old iPhone. No home button, no touch ID, and the 5.8 inch OLED screen stretches almost all the way across the iPhone 10 space.
iPhone 10 screen has a wide color through which helps make some images look more lively. An impact support for HDR 10 and Dolby vision HDR. So you are not going to run out of pretty things to look at anytime soon.
A noticeable black notch. You probably are aware, in addition to all the usual stuff Apple squeezes into the tops of its phones. This also plays host to all the stuff that makes face ID work. An unnecessary evil.
iPhone 10 is smaller in size than the iPhone 8+  so its easier to operate with one hand. It runs on iOS 11 but it packs two features that people have not been able to stop talking about. Face ID and an emoji. The former is clearly the more important. The way it works is, to be honest very amazing. The setup process is dead simple and awkward looking. But later it didn’t really matter.
The emojis are goofy but simply impressive the way you can apply different facial gestures on them.
Talking about the camera, it’s 12 mp camera has not changed much, but the wide camera is excellent. Big changes are made in the telephoto camera which has optical image stabilization. Also a wider F 2.4 aperture in bright conditions this makes the telephoto camera almost as good as the wide one. Real gains come in the dark. Images accentuate better and more prominent as compared to the days.
Let’s jump to the performance, actually, that is what matters the most here. Most raised questions, whether the iPhone X will be performing better than the iPhone 8 / 8+ or not. The answer is it doesn’t. They all share the same 6 core A 11 Bionic chipset. Like the iPhone 8+, the iPhone 10 uses the 3 gigabytes of RAM. There is nothing bad in it either, the A 11 is a very powerful chip and it can handle anything being thrown at it. From frequent multi-tasking to playing pretty Augmented Reality games without trouble.
iPhone X’s battery life is just okay for me. It can easily stay alive for your daily routine. However, don’t expect the juice to last more than a day.


I would personally say I am very amused by the iPhone X. Yes you can question the price, but do see the features this iPhone is got to offer. There are a few things need to be better, but a process to revolutionize iPhones with a better look and latest gears has commenced.

To conclude, all that I have to say is, this is the future of iPhone and it surely is promising one. There isn’t everything right, but not everything wrong with the iPhone 10 either. On a technical level, iPhone 10 according to me is the best iPhone Apple ever developed and launched. This is, more importantly, a strong foundation for the future iPhones with newer technology to make way forth.