Best Applications on Play Store for Android [All Time]

Play store for Android or Google play is the marketplace for the Android devices all around the globe. Each year approximately 2 billion Android devices visit to download applications they need or are the trending apps.
Play store offers a variety of different divisions of applications for its users like food, music, movies, tv shows, health, fitness, social, games, travel, news and magazines every section contains a humungous amount of applications ready to be downloaded. A total of 3 million apps are available on google play and every app is as useful as other.

Today we will discuss some of the best android applications on Play store for Android that everyone needs on their phone. It is not possible to cover all apps as there are many and every app is a class of its own, so if your favorite app didn’t make it on this list doesn’t mean they are incompetent. This list includes both applications and games so stay with us and contemplate before you choose. Some of these apps might be installed already on your phone but if not, don’t miss out the fun by not using them.

Everyone knows about twitter nowadays, and its featured app allows you to be socially active throughout your day connecting you with the world’s news, events, and overall happenings quite justly.

This app is not quite entertaining if you wish to have a good time wandering but a professional app which serves solely to its purpose, where all the professionals gather to find jobs, share there fields experience or to build a c.v. This platform helps you professionally if used right.

If you are 90’s kid and loved to watch those golden cartoon shows featuring scooby-doo, Flinstones, looney tunes and more than you already know about what it is. Watch those golden shows on your devices whenever you want by downloading this app.

Magic tiles 3:
With the latest version of magic tiles, this game has been lifted much higher than before with new features added this game is quite entertaining and musical.

Amazon Kindle:
Amazon Kindle is a service provided by Amazon to the book readers around the globe with e-books to read, buy or download. If you are a book reader but struggle to find some time to read download this app and read books in spare time without any constraints.

A cloud storage app which allows you to store your files on cloud servers and let others look at them or download.

Plants vs Zombies:
A classic game which never runs out of fun even when you are bored this game never disappoints. A strategy game where zombies rush through your garden to your doors and the only way to defend them are your plants, a different range of plants planted strategically in order to defend.

Super Mario Run:
Who didn’t love the Super Mario classic? This game made everyone fall in love with this franchise. And here they are, with a twisting change, this game is fun to play with friends and also single player modes.

Avast Mobile Security:
Every android phone visits a bunch of websites which lets in some unwanted viruses or bugs making your device behave in an unprecedented way. This antivirus app lets you clean your phone and clear off those viruses for a better phone experience.

A personal favorite app allowing you to capture images in a more professionally documented way. If you want to capture an image for a professional use whether it be for documents or passport etc. CamScanner scans images for better viewing and sharing.

Google Drive:
Google drive is a file storage platform developed by Google itself. Allowing you to store files on the cloud, synchronize them and share with others. A must-have application if you like to share files a lot.

Traveling has become more easy and efficient since the moving in of private taxi companies. Uber lets you travel and calculates the fares before riding off to your destination. So if you are ever in a hurry just book a ride on uber without any obstruction.

A hub for watching tv series or movies on your phone. This application requires membership for you to watch any tv episodes or movies you like.

Personal finance managing app allowing you to manage your bills and expenses throughout the month and on daily basis.
If you lack managing your expenses and often expand more without knowing than definitely, you should give it a go.

If you are into music and listen to songs more often than this app is for you. This app allows creators to publish their songs to more than 40 million registered users and 175 million monthly listeners. Enjoy your songs by favorite artists freely.

Google Play Music:
Google play music app allows you to manage your music library with an immaculate user interface. Users may never run bored of this app as it helps you manage quite neatly.

McAfee Security and Antivirus:
McAfee is an antivirus cleaning application which cleans and smoothens your mobile phone’s activity better than before. Clear those bugs and viruses for a better use.

Google Fit:
Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the Android operating system. This app allows you to track your health and physical fitness. If you love to stay in shape and want to know about your health and physicality then this app is just for you.