15+ Ways On How to Make Money Online [2018]


Those days are gone when an individual needed a workforce to earn money.In this present-day everything is at the fingertips of a person, the internet is one of those things.So why don’t we use the internet as a source of earning? It may sound peculiar to the term how to make money on the internet but is very much straightforward to do so.We will tell you some of the very useful and interactive ways that you might proved helpful for you to make money online in 2018.

1- Write And Sell an Ebook on internet:

If you have a tendency to write a book, write an Ebook and sell it on the internet.Although it requires a great amount of effort both in writing and marketing, they sell quite a lot on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

2 -Offer Gigs On Fiverr:

Fiverr is a global marketplace which offers work and services for as low as $5 and increases depending on the services you seek from an individual.Offering Gigs means providing others with a piece of work or service like designing a logo, fixing an error, writing, or animation.These services start at $5 but increase if additional services are asked/provided like designing a website will cost you more rather than fixing an error.Gigs on Fiverr provides quick cash through the means you are good at.

3-Create An App 

One of the most fun and exciting part is to create an Application whether based on Android or iOS systems the larger consumer markets of the world and to publish it on their respective app stores.Play store is for the Android Applications and App Store for iOS-based applications.

4-Professional Services On Upwork or 99Designs

These two websites provide yet so different but similar means of a platform for those freelancers seeking to find work.Upwork is a website where professionals collaborate and team up with freelancers to build a product.This platform allows people to hire freelancers, to work with them and pay for their services.99Designs is a graphic design marketplace where you can sell your designs.This platform allows you to start a contest based on your demands and professionals provide you samples at the end of the contest where you may select the best.

5-Build A Blog

Building a blog is more convenient now as it was before, the idea of blogging is to express your knowledge about things.Blogging results in huge amount of cash-flows when done right, just follow the basic procedures and ensure that nothing is missed.

6-Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a process of sending a commercial message via email to lots and lots of people.The idea of marketing your product through e-mail is simple and yet effective as your consumer may reach you at an instance.Companies and other firms reach you and pay for marketing as you hold a vast number of emails to market.

7-Develop Educational Courses On Udemy

Udemy is a platform where educational courses are available and purchased.Developing educational courses for people which helps them and they like, can result in lots of customers.

8-Write Articles For Other Sites

Content writing or Article writing is required by many sites people hire writers to write for them.A website requires some material before and after being published so a good writer is always appreciated.

9-Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is endorsing a product for a company on your website or some other product each click will generate some revenue.


The term freelancing defines itself working for any person or a firm with no long-term contracts basically a freelancer is self-employed.Many websites offer freelancers to find work, connecting directly with clients it can be based on anything like graphic designing, content writing, project development etc.

11-Sell Audio books

An audiobook is a text read with an audio.People prefer audio or video more in terms of technicality.Audiobooks can be vastly sold on the internet.

12-Sell Photos

If you are a professional photographer or owns a professional camera but not getting any luck in making it real in terms of money.You can sell your photos online on websites like Shutterstock where you get paid quite good.

13-Sell Domains/Hosting

Selling domains or hosting isn’t the new way to earn money, many people do this by buying domains in cheap and selling them to others in a profitable bonus.

14-Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a field required by many companies, firms, and individuals nowadays because of a large amount of work in a shortage of time.Graphic designing is the art of combining text, images, and imagination.It communicates through visual portraits.


Youtube is a video sharing platform.Whether you post a video or watch a video, a large number of viewers visit this website daily and youtube does pay to its content makers.

16-Start your own website

A website is a combination of pictures and text related to any topic which helps people in daily life, starting your own website can be fruitful as long as it’s helping people they will visit it.The number of visitors plays a huge role in getting commercials, ads, or marketing of other brands.