15+ Ways On How to Make Money Online [2018]


Those days are gone when an individual needed a workforce to earn money.In this present-day everything is at the fingertips of a person, the internet is one of those things.So why don’t we use the internet as a source of earning? It may sound peculiar to the term how to make money on the internet but is very much straightforward to do so.We will tell you some of the very useful and interactive ways that you might proved helpful for you to make money online in 2018.

1- Write And Sell an Ebook on internet:

If you have a tendency to write a book, write an Ebook and sell it on the internet.Although it requires a great amount of effort both in writing and marketing, they sell quite a lot on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

2 -Offer Gigs On Fiverr:

Fiverr is a global marketplace which offers work and services for as low as $5 and increases depending on the services you seek from an individual.Offering Gigs means providing others with a piece of work or service like designing a logo, fixing an error, writing, or animation.These services start at $5 but increase if additional services are asked/provided like designing a website will cost you more rather than fixing an error.Gigs on Fiverr provides quick cash through the means you are good at.

3-Create An App 

One of the most fun and exciting part is to create an Application whether based on Android or iOS systems the larger consumer markets of the world and to publish it on their respective app stores.Play store is for the Android Applications and App Store for iOS-based applications.

4-Professional Services On Upwork or 99Designs

These two websites provide yet so different but similar means of a platform for those freelancers seeking to find work.Upwork is a website where professionals collaborate and team up with freelancers to build a product.This platform allows people to hire freelancers, to work with them and pay for their services.99Designs is a graphic design marketplace where you can sell your designs.This platform allows you to start a contest based on your demands and professionals provide you samples at the end of the contest where you may select the best.

5-Build A Blog

Building a blog is more convenient now as it was before, the idea of blogging is to express your knowledge about things.Blogging results in huge amount of cash-flows when done right, just follow the basic procedures and ensure that nothing is missed.

6-Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a process of sending a commercial message via email to lots and lots of people.The idea of marketing your product through e-mail is simple and yet effective as your consumer may reach you at an instance.Companies and other firms reach you and pay for marketing as you hold a vast number of emails to market.

7-Develop Educational Courses On Udemy

Udemy is a platform where educational courses are available and purchased.Developing educational courses for people which helps them and they like, can result in lots of customers.

8-Write Articles For Other Sites

Content writing or Article writing is required by many sites people hire writers to write for them.A website requires some material before and after being published so a good writer is always appreciated.

9-Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is endorsing a product for a company on your website or some other product each click will generate some revenue.


The term freelancing defines itself working for any person or a firm with no long-term contracts basically a freelancer is self-employed.Many websites offer freelancers to find work, connecting directly with clients it can be based on anything like graphic designing, content writing, project development etc.

11-Sell Audio books

An audiobook is a text read with an audio.People prefer audio or video more in terms of technicality.Audiobooks can be vastly sold on the internet.

12-Sell Photos

If you are a professional photographer or owns a professional camera but not getting any luck in making it real in terms of money.You can sell your photos online on websites like Shutterstock where you get paid quite good.

13-Sell Domains/Hosting

Selling domains or hosting isn’t the new way to earn money, many people do this by buying domains in cheap and selling them to others in a profitable bonus.

14-Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a field required by many companies, firms, and individuals nowadays because of a large amount of work in a shortage of time.Graphic designing is the art of combining text, images, and imagination.It communicates through visual portraits.


Youtube is a video sharing platform.Whether you post a video or watch a video, a large number of viewers visit this website daily and youtube does pay to its content makers.

16-Start your own website

A website is a combination of pictures and text related to any topic which helps people in daily life, starting your own website can be fruitful as long as it’s helping people they will visit it.The number of visitors plays a huge role in getting commercials, ads, or marketing of other brands.

How to Make Money Blogging Complete Guide [2018]


Have a hobby for writing? Want to make money while writing? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to start?
Stick with us as we are about to answer these questions and help you through the journey by covering the most part of the blogging world and help you make money blogging in 2018.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a way to express your feelings, viewpoint, ideas or facts about something that is related to a field or daily happenings around the globe these things can be related to technology, health, cooking, sports, news or any useful information you feel about to share with the world.

The idea of blogging: The idea of blogging is simple and unique by providing an online platform to the author to share what he/she believes or thinks about something and wishes to share.

There are some specifics needed to taken care of before writing/publishing your blog:

1) Decide a Niche
2) Get a website for publishing your work
3) Write about useful content
4) Publish your work
5) Earn money by different means

1) Decide a Niche:

A Niche is a particular term which relates to anything you wish to endorse like product, services or a specific section of things that interests people.Selection is very important as your whole blog will be based on that particular topic. During selection, take care of the relevancy of the topic you are going to write as it should be impactful to the audience and helpful.It can be either your selected or people searched topics, many people are attracted toward your blog after finding your Niche interesting.
Before anything else, you must do some research about what a Niche is, select it and now you move onto next step.

2) Get a website for publishing your work:

As you need a piece of land to build a house, same goes for a blog you will be needing a platform where you can publish your work.
A website is required for an online publishing, there are many platforms where you can publish for free or you may buy a Hosting and a domain name you like for a personal website. WordPress is a theme generating free platform, Up to 27% of the online websites in the world are generated through this platform as it provides you with a vast range of themes you may select for the desired interface for your blog.

3) Write about useful content:

Setting up your website isn’t all you need some good, useful and eye-catching content for your website which generates some traffic/readers on your website. For this first, you have to select a niche for which you can write for.

4) Publish your work:

After precisely writing about your niche it’s time to publish it to the world. As the blog is out its time for you to have patience. The more traffic/readers on your website the more you have a chance to make a living.

5) Earn money by different means:

You’ve been told about what website, content writing, and publishing now let’s come to the point of telling you how to make money blogging.
It is a long and hardworking procedure but if you have implemented the mentioned work carefully and justly then it’s time for you to earn. Some of the ways are mentioned below:


The more traffic/readers you have on your blog the more it is likely for you to have money through advertisement. Google gives Ads on the websites/blogs that have large chunks of traffic. From each click, you have on the Ads the more bonus you get Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

-Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is an easy way to earn as you endorse the product of some other website like Amazon. Every time user buys a product through your website, you’re paid a little amount of that product.

-Premium programs

This is where readers pay some amount (monthly or annually) for accessing premium content, a community area, some kind of service, tools.
The premium program offers some articles or blogs for premium users who have purchased the membership at your website.


Endorsing some third party products or things on your blog can be a healthy treat for you as they pay directly and no cuts throughout the process.


Blogging is a great way to express what you believe to the global audience. But before starting you must have a vision of what you are going to write and how you are going to write once these steps are done maturely you then you can earn money through blogging for sure.

Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan [2016]

Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan
Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers [2016]
In Pakistan, the term blogging is not new but doing it in right way with passion is not known to many. There are many peoples in Pakistan present today who turned their life as successful logger. The driving force which pushed them was “Passion “.
With the success of blogging many young talent also entered in this field. So Keeping in mind this scenario, I thought it would be right choice to write a list of ” Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers Under the Age of 20″ who are passionated about blogging.
So Here is the List of Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan in 2016 :

1- Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Syed Faizan Ali is a 20 year old successful teenage blogger from Pakistan. At the age of 16 he started his first blog named “Mybloggerlab.com” where he shares Blogging tips/tutorials/tricks, Blogger widgets etc. He also founded a blogger resource site “Templateism.com” where he provides professional blogger templates to blogger community. Apart from blogging he is also involved  in many motivational talks to aware students about entrepreneurship.

2- Ammar Ali:

Ammar Ali Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Born in 1995 in Pakistan, 21 year old Ammar Ali from Islamabad Pakistan entered in this field when he was in high school.He created his first Professional blog “Allbloggingtips.com” in 2011.The primary focus of his blog is to help new bloggers to start their blog. In a very short of span of time his blog become famous around the world. Apart from blogging, Ammar is a huge fan of Cricket.

3- Muhammad Ahmed:

Muhammad Ahmed Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Only 15 years Old, Muhammad Ahmad is one of my favorite teenage blogger who has been working as a blogger since 2011.He started his blogging career in 2011 and kept using .blogspot.com domain to create different blogs for almost 2 years.
In the end of 2013 or either in start of 2014, his brother gifted him a Domain Techeism.com. Unfortunately, Blog domain registrar was hacked in the start of 2015 and thus he lost his domain.
Despite of a big loss, he didn’t  lose his hope and  founded “Tutorialsfist.com” to share tips related to SEO,Blogging,Fiverr,Social Media etc.
In the start of 2016 ,He stared his personal blog “Meetahmad.com” where he mostly shares his case studies and tips related to Affiliate Marketing.

4- Muhammad Abid:

Muhammad Abid Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan

Muhammad Abid is a  19 Years old Another pasionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He created his first blog back in 2013 and started blogging in the same year.
Currently he is active on his blog “ACupofblog.com” which was founded by him  On 23rd March 2016. The  blog  mostly focuses on tutorials for WordPress, Blogger, Web Designing and Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Apart from blogging  he also offers services to his clients all around the world.

5- Muhammad Abdullah:

Muhammad Abdullah Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Muhammad Abdullah is a 19 year old techy blogger from Lahore, Pakistan.He started his blogging career at the age of 17 by creating blogs on blogger platform. Currently he blogs on “Abdugeek.com” where he writes articles related to Technology,Internet,Computer,IOS,Andriod,Windows.

6- Abdul Samad Essani:

Abdul Samad Essani Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Another excellent young blogger, Abdul Samad Essani is in this field from the age of 12.
In 2013, He with the help of his friend registered a domain Bornblogger.net but due to some unknown reason,domain was sold by him. After 3 Years in 2016, fortunately he found that the domain was expired as it was not used by the one who purchased it. He quickly grabbed this opportunity and registered “Bornblogger.net” again. Now on this blog,he shares all the stuff related to Blogging,SEO, Make Money etc.
Meanwhile b/w 2013 and 2016,He also created another blog but after ranking it well in search engine,he sold it.

7- Zohaib Liaquat:

Zohaib Liaquat Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Zohaib Liaquat, A 18 year Old Blogger and Freelancer founded “Blogolect.com” 3 years ago to help bloggers by writing articles, guides, and sharing/developing blogger widgets. According to him,due to busy schedule he is not active in his blog but soon He will start updating it again.He is also planning to start working on another blog that is “Techcruel.com”.

Special Appearance:

Beside of the above bloggers listed,I found some others bloggers who are still young but the age is little bit higher than 20.So,I thought it would be better to mention them as a Special Appearance.

8- Hassam Ahmed Awan:

Hassam Ahmed Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Hassam Ahmed Awan, a 20 year old Computer Science graduate from Islamabad,Pakistan who founded “Bloggingehow.com” 4 years back..He is one of the blogger who is mostly active on social media to help newbies.

He is also a body builder and fitness freek and to share his tips related to body building he blogs on “Alldaybodybuilding.com”

Apart from blogging,He is also an active Vlogger on his YouTube channel where he mostly shares videos related to Blogging,Entrepreneurship,Motivation.

9- Nasir Piya:

Nasir Piya Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

23 year old, Nasir Piya from Punjab,Pakistan is the Founder of “Howtk.com” where he shares free guide and resources related to Blogging, Programming, Makemoney and many He started his career by creating his first blog on Blogger platform. later on he moved to WordPress in 2015.

10- Malik Sharjeel Tahir:

Malik Sharjeel Tahir Youngest Blogger of Pakistan
Malik Sharjeel started his blogging career in 2014 and thus on 1st November 2014 his blog “Clubsideeffects.com”  was live.The main focus of his blog is to Give the best information related to Health, Medical side effects,Diseases etc.


So that was the list of “Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan” who changed their life from blogging because of their passion.After a deep research,I have tried my best to compile this list but since Pakistan is full of young talent ,so it is possible that many of them  may have missed.

Now give me one favor,Share this article in your circle so that world should know the hidden talent of Pakistan,Also don’t forget to subscribe below to get any post directly in your email.

Happy Blogging !

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home in 2016

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home
Image Credit : SEOPlanter
As a student or as a housewife, a question which comes to the mind is “How to Make Money Online”, So In this article, I’m going to answer all these questions by telling ” Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home”.
There are lots of methods to earn money online, but they all are not professional and legal. Some of the peoples are earning online by making others fool.Some of them are doing spamming, frauds to make them rich.But don’t worry I’m going to tell you all the professional methods which are 100% legal and ethical.

1- Blogging

Blogging is one of the convenient way to earn money online from home. A blog is a place where you can share your thoughts.It can be thought as a website with frequent updates on daily/weekly/ basis.A person who runs a blog is called “Blogger”.One of the handy way of doing blogging is to write articles on any topic in which you have an interest. Let’s say, a person has a keen interest in fashion So he can start his blog and write articles on any topic related to fashion.

To earn money online from a blog you can apply for different publishers who gives you the commission on displaying their ads on your blog.Some of the famous ones are Google Adsense, Infolinks,Chitika,Media.net etc.
There are different platforms to create a blog but some of the top platforms are:
Blogger (Best for Beginners)

2- Freelancing

Freelancing is another authentic source of online earning. If you have any skill like Web Development, Graphic Designing, Video editing, Photoshopping, Programming, etc then you can easily earn money online from home by doing jobs related to your skill.
There are lot of Freelancing website exists where you can find the suitable jobs but some of the famous one’s are:


3- Affiliate Marketing:

In simple terms, Affiliate marketing means promoting other products/services to get a commission on each sale.Basically, In affiliate marketing, you have to promote a product and whenever anyone buy that product from your referral link , you earn a commission on that. 
There are different websites which provide complete platform to make money online via affiliate marketing. Some of the popular one’s are:

4- Teaching Online:

If you have some skills and wants to teach that skills, then there is a big opportunity for you to earn money online by teaching others.There are different websites available where you can create and sell you course. 
Some of the popular one’s are: 

5- Domain/Website Selling:

You can generate a huge amount of income by selling your newly or old domains and websites.There are lots of platforms  available which provides you the opportunity to list your domain or website for sale.some of the best ones are:

6- App Selling

If you are good at programming and can develop apps for Mobiles and PC, then there are many websites present where you can earn money by selling apps .some of the top app selling websites are:
– Flippa

7- Playing Games

If you are a game lover then this is for you.There are number of websites exits where you can earn money by playing web based games

– Game Testers
– Gamesville
– Exodus
– Slingo
– Teamliquid

8- Captcha Entry:

These are typing jobs which does not require any special skills. A basic internet connection and a good typing speed is enough for these jobs. Basically,you have to type provided captcha correctly in order to make money. Normally the rates are 1000 captcha for 1 dollar.
Some of the famous captcha entry sites are:

9- Uploading Files:

This is another opportunity to generate a huge amount of income. Through this method you can earn money online by uploading files and whenever someone download that file,you earn the commission. These types of websites are also called PPC (Pay Per Upload).
Some of the top PPC websites are:
– Ziddu

10- PTC Websites:

Personally I don’t like them but still they can generate good income. PTC sands for Paid Click,In these websites you can earn money by viewing advertisement,completing offers and tasks,playing games,referring others etc.
Some of the Popular PTC Website are:
– Neobux
– Buxp

Final Words:

So that was a complete and huge list of top 10 ways to earn money online.As internet is like ocean,similarly earning methods are not limited,beside these methods,there are still lot’s of methods are missing but it is not possible to list them all at once.I will try to mention all the possible ways gradually in my upcoming articles.
One more thing which you have to remember is that, if you follow the ways which I have mention (Specially Top 6),and start to work on them with passion then believe me there is no need to do any physical job since online earning has lot of potential and income Even there are lot of professional present today who have quiet their jobs to earn money online from home.

So, Start Working Online From Today and Become Your Own Boss !!