Top 10 Startups to look for

Long have we heard about the new startup companies getting high recognition and earning loads and loads of revenue. The struggles they face through the initial phase is quite fascinating and not knowing the struggles they’ll face in their venture towards success and earn a good reputation in the business world.
Startups play a heavy contribution to keep the business world on their toes and to urge them not to get deluded in failures of big companies.
First, let’s talk about what is a startup? 

A startup is an entrepreneurial experiment which takes place when a new product is developed by the entrepreneur to generate profits which he believes that his product can earn due to the demand in an everyday market.
A startup is an initiative taken by the founders of a product which they seem to have some value in the outside world. It is a small business started on a small platform with low funds possible to take over the market with its product.
New startup companies have a chance to fail more than to shine but have a great deal of value as they come up with new products to offer and investors keep an eye on them for future investing.
New startups:
Every now and then there comes a company in which people have high hopes for and their product is the one a list of such companies are:
An independent software vendor (ISV) based in New York and Atlanta they build unified Software as a Service(SaaS) management software. A venture-backed startup, BetterCloud has raised $47 million in total funding. 
Companies like DropBox, office 365, Zendesk and Slack are connected with BetterCloud.
A technology-based company in San Francisco founded in 2013, the service use technologies like big data analytics, engineering, and predictive modeling to help manage the cash flows for small businesses and freelancers with outstanding invoices. A total of $107 million were generated by the year 2015 with fundings from ventures capitalists.
Ginkgo Bioworks:
Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotechnology-based company founded in 2009 by scientists from MIT. The company specializes in using genetic engineering to produce bacteria and new organisms with industrial applications and replace it with technology.
Vlocity, a leading industry cloud customer-management software company, empowers companies to deliver unified, industry-specific customer experiences. 
Company’s idea was to build a software that manages relationships in industries with the worst reputations for customer service.
Jive Communications:
Makes a cloud-based system that integrates voice, video and other communications applications. Cloud-based phone services make your business more efficient and easier to manage. The basic concept about Jive is that it replaces existing phone equipment with a cloud, integrating your desk and smartphones to work together and can be managed from web browser or a mobile app. The company started in 2006 and, unlike other fast-growing tech firms, largely avoided venture funding. About 600 people are employed and companies with big names like WellSpace Health, Expedia, and Chop’t are its customers.
CastBox is a podcast player, audio-books, and radio listener allowing you to download or stream an audio file without any hindrance or obstruction. With an amazing User-Interface, this application is easy to use. Company’s Founder Xiaoyu Wang says his goal is to make audio files as easy to find as text files.
A messaging platform for employees within a company to communicate at one place whether they are working from their office or while on the road. After 6 million users co-founder of a company Flickr, Stewart Butterfield launched a new company in 2013, and it was recently valued at $5 billion. 
The system digitizes paper stock certificates along with stock options, warrants, and derivatives to create certificates for who owns what at a startup when the bank transactions are made. Working with about 6,000 companies the company’s next step is to work with initial public dealing companies.
An app that provides a communication median between the teacher and parents with the help of photos or videos. Teacher uploads a photo or video with the student’s parents to keep the child’s behavioral record. This app keeps the track of the students for the parents as well as the teachers having a brief record of a student. This startup was initiated in 2012 and had over a million users across 30 countries within a year.
The Australian based graphic-design tool based website is one of high revenue generating startups with over million photographs, designs and much more. The companies CEO urges to get all internet users on his platform and believes it isn’t bad to dream big.
The platform hit the $1 billion mark this year.