Journey to become a Programmer

The question which arises in the mind of a person by looking and using such beautiful and well-developed websites and applications no matter the platform is to learn and create a same or a better version of it.
Many people might have already heard of the term ‘program’ which means a collection of data or instructions which perform different tasks as per given instructions. Programming is the collection of data or instructions used to create a program which will perform different tasks. A computing term used to express the developer’s ideas in the outer-world mainly with the intent to solve problems.

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What is Programming?
Programming is a fundamental aspect of the computing world which is used to develop and design a hardware/software for any platform and enable a user to develop whatever he/she may like with allowing to solve the problems of daily life.

Having learned what programming is. The question is how to become a programmer? To answer this some guidelines are listed below which will help you to become a programmer or improve your existing programming knowledge.

Learn computer science and computer system basics:
Don’t plan to write loads and loads of code without any basic knowledge about the environment and platform at which the program is developed the risk is not worth taking.

The computer is a vast field and the systems are outdated quick even before you program your first application. First, learn basics about the field of computer science and about computer systems before lunging onto the next steps.

Mathematical courses:
It is considered the structure of a software program with calculations involved to solve queries. Different courses like discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and calculus are involved individually or combined moreover having a brief knowledge about these subjects will enhance you in solving problems. Mathematics is integrated with programming and the syntax may vary as the programming language changes.

Learn to solve mathematical problems:
Whether you have the mathematical knowledge, learn to solve mathematical problems with your own techniques, methods, and approaches.

The programming for different platforms:

Type of programmer:
There are mainly two types of computer programmer software and hardware the hardware programmer writes lines of code to lay out the base in a computer system whereas the software programmer writes code that will run on the hardware. Below are some main fields of programming for development.

  • Website/web application programmer:

A web-based application or a website is published online to a large audience (sometimes to particular potential customers) which provides information or retrieves information from a user.

  • Desktop application programmer:

Applications that are merely designed for desktops and distributed to particular clients or purchased. The purpose of these apps is to fulfill the requirements of an individual.

  • Distributed programming:

This field of domain involves networking to explain more, the protocols and clients are involved in transferring messages from one network to another.
A computer is a machine which communicates with another computer through a network and this passage needs to be uniquely identified and written without obstruction.

  • Hardware system programming:

The structure required for a software to be written is the hardware which is like the bone structure in a human’s body allowing us to perform tasks. Just like that, the hardware is a system which allows the software to perform tasks.

Deeply about coding environment:
Coding environment is basically a platform or an IDE (a platform) which allows a computer programmer to write a code, some features provided by the platform are debugging, build tools and code editor.

Field of interest:
An aspect which prolongs your programming career depending on the field of interest you have with above-mentioned computer programming fields, some are important which will help you to start your programming career.

Specialize in your domain
Like a doctor specializes in a particular human body part same goes for a computer programmer. Select your specific field of domain whether you may like or it suits you and go pro with it.

Follow this guide and move step by step towards your dream on how to become a programmer with the correct knowledge about the environment, platform, and the language (which you will learn from time to time and after a period of programming). Soon you will be able to accomplish your goals.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

programming languages 2018

This century is regarded as the Century of Information Technology. Let me tell you one thing, the key to a successful future in the field of AI/IT/CS is learning to code. Creating revolutionary software, that change the way of thinking, acting. Tending to make human efforts less stressful. Application development is also a process that helps you invent interesting apps for Smartphone.

Here we have carved out the finest, and popular top 5 programming languages a coder needs to learn in the year 2018. Yes, to better a skill or develop one, you need to think ahead a year. But worry not, we will be doing the thinking job for you.

What are the Programming Languages?

The answer to the aforementioned question is below. We have selected 5 best programming languages, on basis of their demands in stack overflow, freelancer, job market, and the startup. We have found for you the five essential languages you should pick either of them and begin your coding process at an instant.


Python makes the top of our list here, courtesy the Machine Learning. Whether we discuss the frameworks like Django to design web apps, or maybe the analysis of things. This language has made a great comeback, and impact after showing a dull sign earlier. Whether Facebook, Google or Apple are after the engineers having strong and thorough knowledge of Python. Implementing Machine Learning in any product, you got to have an acquaintance with the Python. Without a single doubt or second thoughts, I’d say Python has to make it at number 1 on this list.


Not as similar to Java keep in mind, beginners. You can say this language seems to be on steroids. The way it is growing. This is not the same JavaScript as the one introduced. It has evolved a lot with time, with the latest 2017 edition, it doesn’t seem to be reducing its popularity for quite some time.
JavaScript is capable of handling almost everything. Work with Node JS and rely on the backend with it. At the front-end, you can go with Angular or React. Talking about the mobile apps, ionic framework or the react native framework are completely capable of handling all the iOS as well as Android apps.
Which is why Facebook is completely shifting its globe to JavaScript (whether it is for their web or mobile Android/iOS systems). I haven’t seen any language growing this much as JavaScript.


Java is most powerful and superior language that can’t be neglected. Due to the increase in Android apps, and Android developers, interests in Java are increasing with time. Not just Android, many web applications are also designed in Java. Henceforth, Java makes our list of the languages to be learned. With Java, you can initiate the career as Android Developer.


The dotnet framework isn’t the reason why C# made it to our list. However, in the recent year, it is noticed, the DotNet framework is losing its charm. Game Development, is one reason why we inducted C# to our list. Since most may have the knowledge how the game development with Unity is booming quite a lot. Not only that but with Xamarin you are empowered to develop mobile applications (cross-platform). Meaning they can run on the Android as well as the iOS.
Also, it is not that difficult learning the language, it’s simple and easy to learn in my opinion. People from the dotnet market are already trying to make it to the game development as well as the Xamarin.


Whether you talk about 10 best programming languages or 5, Swift has to make the list. Its inevitable, inexorable to keep Swift out of the list. And the reason to that is Apple. People carry their own views about Apple, but you can’t deny Apple is a big deal in the software market. In case you plan to design and develop an app that uses Apple ecosystem (be it iPhone, iMac, iPad even a game) you need the Swift. You need an Apple device, to get into the Apple ecosystem. Which plays as an obstacle in the path. Do keep in mind, the market is huge, jobs are on offer, so it is worth a deal.

Basic Concepts & Features of Object Oriented Programming

Features of Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming model which is based on objects and classes. In Procedural programming programmer focus on tasks instead of objects but in OOP programmer focus is more on objects rather than tasks. In this article we are going look at some of the Basic Concepts and Features of Object Oriented Programming.

Basic OOP concepts with Real Life Examples:

Before going further let me  describe what is the difference b/w Object Oriented approach and Task Oriented approach.
In object oriented approach we are concerned with the object who is doing the work whereas in task oriented approach we are concerned with what is being done.
To understand the difference b/w task oriented and object oriented let considered a scenario.
Suppose you watched a movie and one of your friend asked you tell to him the story of the movie. Now you have two options to describe the whole story of the movie. The first way is that you will tell him the complete story of the movie scene by scene. The other option would be that you will give him a brief summary about what happened in the movie.
Now think any movie and consider the whole scenario as described above. You will find that the second option to describe the story of a will be better than telling the whole story scene by scene as telling him the summary of movie will take less time and your friend understand better. Basically, what is happening here is that when you are telling movie story scene by scene means you are telling every act happened in the movie. So we can say that you are focusing on movie story, In other words you are focusing on what is happening in the movie(task oriented approach).On the other hand when you are describing whole movie story as a summary , you  will see that your focus will shift to the characters of the movie. This is the Object Oriented approach.
Naturally, human has a object oriented approach means he focus on objects rather than tasks. Consider doing the whole scenario describe above with your friend to understand better.

Features of Object Oriented Programming:

Now let’s look at the features of OOP one by one.

1- Object:

It is the one of the most important and main feature of OOP ,without objects OOP is nothing. Any real world objects you see in your daily life will have some attributes and methods .Let say, a car has some attributes (properties) , like it has wheels, doors, engine etc. These all are the attributes of the car. Similarly car do different tasks like we can apply brakes, increase speed of its etc. These all are the methods of car. Similarly in OOP, we say that a object consists of well define attributes and methods.

2- Class:

As said above objects have attributes and methods, but where to keep these methods and attributes of objects? The answer is class is the place where we keep object related methods and attributes.
Ok so we created class for object so it means we have to create class for every object? No, this is not the right approach. Basically if there are multiple objects with same methods and attributes then they will have a same class. So we will have to create only one class for multiple objects whose attributes and methods are same. But if there are different objects whose attributes and methods are complexly different then clearly we will create separate class for that.

3- Polymorphism:

Poly means many and morphism means many forms so after combining these two words it becomes many forms. In OOP, there are many situations occurred when you want to use same thing but in different form.
Suppose you create a function named sum which will add two numbers. Now , you want to use this same function but instead of adding two numbers you want to add three numbers so what to do? The answer is that you will use that same function but now it will add three number instead of two.This is the kind of overloading which is the part of Polymorphism.
Polymorphosim consist of two main concepts which Overloading and Overriding. Overloading means doing same work but in different forms using the same object where as overriding means doing same work in different form using different objects. You will learn these concepts better when you will go deep in Polymorphosim.

4- Abstraction:

In simple words,Abstraction means focusing on information rather than implementation. It is the process of hiding the implementation of certain function.The user only know what what the object do
instead of how it it being done.
Suppose a real life example that to turn on an Air Conditioner, you only press the on button .You only know how to turn on A.C using button  .You don’t how it is turned on .In other words you don’t know its functionality.

5- Encapsulation:

As a capsule protect the medicine inside it from outside world. Similarly we use the concept of Encapsulation to protect our data from outside the world.It is done by restricting our data by using different ace specifiers which describes who can access the data.


One of the most important thing  in Features of Object Oriented Programmingis that they all represent real wold behavior and because of this Object Oriented Programming is so organized and secure which makes it better than procedural programming.
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