What is a Startup Business – How to Begin your own

What is a Company?

Before we proceed with this article, I would like to ask you a question. What is a company? What is it that you are actually trying to start? Just for sake of this class, I think we ought to use the definition. The company is a business incorporation, with sales, product, services, in exchange for revenue and profit. We are not considering the nonprofits here. 

What is a Startup Business?

Coming to the next question, What is a startup? Startup tells us where the company is, but how is it different? Giving you the Startup definition, putting the words in an array to define startup isn’t that easy at the moment. What you are actually doing in a Startup, it is a temporary organization design to search for repeatable and scalable business models. 

Startup tends to bring you company. Yes, that sounds intriguing. If you really think about it at least, if you are a web mobile startup there is no such thing as a ten-year-old startup. There is a two-year-old startup attached to a ten-year-old failure. We get that Startup is a temporary organization, but what are you supposed to be doing? If you think it might be built into the product or to get customers. Well to surprise you, it doesn’t.  A startup is designed to search a person. Yes, that sounds interesting. What is it that you should be searching for?
Repeatable: You should be searching for something that is repeatable. By repeatable it implies, the thing that works on Monday, works on Wednesday, and works on Friday, and works next week, and the next month. That is what we should look for, the processes that repeatable.
Scalable: By scalable we mean, I put a dollar and I get in return two dollars out. or I put a dollar in and get ten dollars in return. But I better not be losing money on a continual basis or else I am called out of business startup.

Steps to Commence Your Very Own Startup:

Here we will be discussing what major steps that you should be considering to begin your own startup. The key points are enlisted below and discussed and detail ahead.
  • Problem and Solution
  • Start:
  • Systematic Approach:
  • Not Alone:

Problem & Solution:

The first thing is, find yourself a problem and then the solution. Start with the thought “What would the company be known for?”. Be specific in your idea. Once you have a problem in your mind, learn about it more and more. Know that you are not the only trying to solve that problem alone. Find yourself a solution that will find an approach that is new.


My honest advice is to start with whatever’s in your pocket. Be it hundreds or thousands. Don’t waste time waiting to have enough money to suffice you. Find your business a name, get a logo designed. Get a pro’s aid, if you the business requires functionality. If not do it on your own. Get yourself a domain, host it at the Hostsailer. As it goes live, set yourself a workstation with a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Systematic Approach:

Once you have begun your own business, you need to follow your next steps in a strategized manner. So that you can personally deal and tackle the processes in an organized manner. Develop a habit for yourself to follow these habits, personally, I can recommend B.J. Fogg’s Tiny Habits strategy.

Not Alone:

My advice for you is to never run your startup business on your own, all alone. Being alone will put you out from the race easily. Therefore, be in the company professional minds. So that they may share their knowledge with you, enabling you to build your online brand or business. 

Final Verdict:

Getting started with your own startup is not a thing for everyone. Not everybody even stays alive in the startup race for much longer. But to begin your own startup, I would prefer you carry yourself an inspiration, that may keep your grasp on the business even if you are not doing that good as you expected. No work provides you extra money in an easier way. Every work requires your heart in it. If you are really willing and wanting to do the startup, then do the honors for sure!