Google’s hidden treasure [Google Art Project]

Let me guess…Like everybody else, you also have a passion for something and that is arts and culture? but don’t have enough time or money to travel around the world to visit and see what a beauty it is either natural or made by humans.
Every now and then comes a time where people adore artistic and cultural things but their affection towards it faint over the period of time as they don’t experience the events.
In this busy world, not everyone can travel to museums around the globe to see the beautiful art, designs, and craftsmanship. So Google just as before didn’t disappoint us and helped by bringing those astonishing crafts within our fingertips as they launched Google Art Project. The main purpose of Google Art Project was to bring the artworks at the museums all over the world within everyone’s reach.

What is Google Art Project?

Launched in the year of 2011 on February 01, the basic incentive for this project was to enable users to view artworks collected from different museums in different cities across the globe, to virtually tour the museums from the user itself.

Portraits, images or contextual information can be virtually visited with the help of this product allowing a user to view his/her favorite art-piece and compile them into their own collection.
Google recently collaborated with 151 art museums and galleries to publish the work by many artists. With tens of thousands of artworks residing on this platform. Google allows a museum or an art gallery to select one artwork which will be captured in ultra-high resolution, a gigapixel image containing a large number of pixels as compared to average digital camera

Technology Used:

To bring this project to us Google used multiple technologies mainly involved street view and Picasa. An indoor version of street view was created by Google the camera which was placed on a trolley could be moved around rather than a camera placed on top of a car.
Panoramic heads CLAUSS RODEON VR Head HD and CLAUSS VR Head ST made it possible to capture a highly dense Pixeled image for perfect viewing of the portraits.


The features provided by this platform are to make sure that the user’s experience isn’t compromised and enjoyed to the fullest. Features listed below are from both website and application of Google Art Project available at Google play store.

Zoom In and Out: To experience every detail within a user’s angle, a user can zoom in and zoom out within any particular picture he may like.

Virtual Reality (VR): If experiencing this product through a phone, VR can also be connected to the application for completely indulging a user at whatever he may look.

Explore by time and color: Explore artworks by filtering time and color

Virtual tours: The most stunning feature apart from some others, is this allowing you to visit the landmarks virtually.

Artists: Search results of different artists by artist name or time whichever you may like.

Daily Stories: Learn something new every time you open the application some new stories you may find interesting to be viewed.

Art Recognizer: This feature allows you to learn more about any artwork just by pointing your camera at towards it.

Collection:  Whichever artwork you may like just collect them and share with your friends. Make a collection of your own artworks.

Historical Events: Some of the most iconic events occurred in our world through time can be relived.

: By turning your location ON, you can find museums and cultural events around you.
Exhibits: Take guided tours organized by experts.

Notifications: Updates on the top arts & culture stories can be received just by subscribing.

Final words: Google Art Project is a product we’ve all been waiting for in our lives, because of the affection and curiousness every person feel whether related to past events, pictures, sculptures, or famous portraits that we are not able to visit and see with our bare eyes.
Allowing us to virtually visit the museums or spectate the guided tours organized by experts. A product that you can’t hate and to the admirers of art, this is just the place for you.

Latest Nokia Mobile Phone

The Nokia new mobile phone launched are a series of Nokia phones.The Company returned to the mobile market by launching an exquisite collection of mobile phones and mainly focusing on the android market this time. After a bitter experience in the window phones, now trying their luck in the Android phone market which is one of the largest mobile phone audiences in the world.
With a launch of three mobile phones, they are ready to be the competitors of the mobile world. To regain the respect and place they ought to have back in the days.

Nokia 6:
Nokia 6 mobile phone is a much greater deal in the trio launched in the previous year with quite astonishing features.
The Nokia 6 (2017) is a Nokia-branded upper-mid-ranged smartphone running the Android operating system (version 7 Nougat). It is the first smartphone from a Finnish company HMD Global, created through the future interest of Nokia’s devices division having a 10 year licensing deal with Nokia for mobile phones and tablets, and the first Nokia-branded smartphone since the Lumia 638 in 2014.

Talking about the Design first, Generated from a single block of aluminum this phone feels great in the hands.
A 5.5-inch display phone and an 18:9 aspect resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 with volume and power buttons residing at the right-side. This phone has 2 fingerprint sensors one on the home button and the other at the back. Speakers sit at the bottom of the phone adjacent to the MicroSD slot.
At the back of the phone, there is a fingerprint sensor and camera placed at the center positioned vertically with the company’s name tag too.

A small bezel phone with the dimensions of 154 x 75.8 x 7.85 mm. A gorilla glass with 5.5inch
full-HD display and a metallic body with precise detailing this phone look great in terms of looks. Viewing angles are great for this phone and bright in daylight too.

It’s Specs:
The latest version of Android Nougat is integrated with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chip and Octa-core processor for faster processing, battery life, and graphics.

The memory is loaded with 3GB of RAM which is almost a standard thing in the new era of mobile phones and 32GB of internal storage to store a large volume of apps, games, pictures, and videos with a capacity to support up to 128GB of MicroSD card in-case if the memory requirements are more.

Who doesn’t like a good sounding phone whether it’s a cheap or an expensive phone! A quality sound always attracts its customers and the mobile phone market is renowned to have it.
Nokia 6 has a Dolby Atmos supported dual speakers making your music and listening to a fun time to remember.

Battery life:
Nowadays its necessary to have a mobile phone with larger battery life due to hectic usage a person goes through throughout the day.
Battery-life is a key feature that rolls first on the mind of a mobile phone customer while purchasing.
The Nokia 6 comes with a non-removable 3,000mAh battery which can see out a day on a single charge with general usage but doesn’t expect anything more than that.
Now that’s a bummer, but after seeing the price of this phone you won’t be flaming anymore.

Color Availability:
The phone offers a quite good range of colors and It’s available in four different colors Matte Black, Silver/white, Tempered (blue), Matte copper.

The Nokia 6 costs for different countries like USA, Australia, and Uk are $229, AU$399 £199.99 respectively.A decent price for the phone that gives you quite impressive features and looking at the specs it gives you a decent amount of your bucks.
Low budgeted phones are a rare breed and hard to find in this expensive world of smartphones and Nokia with its new range of phones is fighting its way towards its glory which was seemed to be lost a long time ago.

Overall Experience:
The overall experience for this phone stands middling as it’s a low budgeted phone and although some features are as good as we expected from a company making its comeback.If you are looking for a Nokia new mobile phone launched with standard features then this is the one you should be buying.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

programming languages 2018

This century is regarded as the Century of Information Technology. Let me tell you one thing, the key to a successful future in the field of AI/IT/CS is learning to code. Creating revolutionary software, that change the way of thinking, acting. Tending to make human efforts less stressful. Application development is also a process that helps you invent interesting apps for Smartphone.

Here we have carved out the finest, and popular top 5 programming languages a coder needs to learn in the year 2018. Yes, to better a skill or develop one, you need to think ahead a year. But worry not, we will be doing the thinking job for you.

What are the Programming Languages?

The answer to the aforementioned question is below. We have selected 5 best programming languages, on basis of their demands in stack overflow, freelancer, job market, and the startup. We have found for you the five essential languages you should pick either of them and begin your coding process at an instant.


Python makes the top of our list here, courtesy the Machine Learning. Whether we discuss the frameworks like Django to design web apps, or maybe the analysis of things. This language has made a great comeback, and impact after showing a dull sign earlier. Whether Facebook, Google or Apple are after the engineers having strong and thorough knowledge of Python. Implementing Machine Learning in any product, you got to have an acquaintance with the Python. Without a single doubt or second thoughts, I’d say Python has to make it at number 1 on this list.


Not as similar to Java keep in mind, beginners. You can say this language seems to be on steroids. The way it is growing. This is not the same JavaScript as the one introduced. It has evolved a lot with time, with the latest 2017 edition, it doesn’t seem to be reducing its popularity for quite some time.
JavaScript is capable of handling almost everything. Work with Node JS and rely on the backend with it. At the front-end, you can go with Angular or React. Talking about the mobile apps, ionic framework or the react native framework are completely capable of handling all the iOS as well as Android apps.
Which is why Facebook is completely shifting its globe to JavaScript (whether it is for their web or mobile Android/iOS systems). I haven’t seen any language growing this much as JavaScript.


Java is most powerful and superior language that can’t be neglected. Due to the increase in Android apps, and Android developers, interests in Java are increasing with time. Not just Android, many web applications are also designed in Java. Henceforth, Java makes our list of the languages to be learned. With Java, you can initiate the career as Android Developer.


The dotnet framework isn’t the reason why C# made it to our list. However, in the recent year, it is noticed, the DotNet framework is losing its charm. Game Development, is one reason why we inducted C# to our list. Since most may have the knowledge how the game development with Unity is booming quite a lot. Not only that but with Xamarin you are empowered to develop mobile applications (cross-platform). Meaning they can run on the Android as well as the iOS.
Also, it is not that difficult learning the language, it’s simple and easy to learn in my opinion. People from the dotnet market are already trying to make it to the game development as well as the Xamarin.


Whether you talk about 10 best programming languages or 5, Swift has to make the list. Its inevitable, inexorable to keep Swift out of the list. And the reason to that is Apple. People carry their own views about Apple, but you can’t deny Apple is a big deal in the software market. In case you plan to design and develop an app that uses Apple ecosystem (be it iPhone, iMac, iPad even a game) you need the Swift. You need an Apple device, to get into the Apple ecosystem. Which plays as an obstacle in the path. Do keep in mind, the market is huge, jobs are on offer, so it is worth a deal.

Top 10 Android Apps in 2017 [Review]

Development and advancement in Smartphone technology have revolutionized the modern day telecommunication among masses. Time after time, we have seen inventions that changed the way how we supposed to communicate. Technology has been changing the way we think, or perform actions successfully. Yes, it might sound odd, but these are invented with the sole purpose to bring ease to the human life.
Here we will be looking at the year 2017, and the best  android apps developed for Android smartphones, which stand-out at the top. These apps have either been downloaded most or created a mass attention towards as soon as being launched to the Google Playstore.

Top 10 Android Apps launched in 2017:

We have sketched out a list of the 10 best apps of 2017, and they are ranked accordingly:
  1.        Files Go
  2.       GlassWire
  3.        Flamingo
  4.        Grammarly Keyboard
  5.        Datally
  6.        Socratic
  7.        Google Fit
  8.        Messenger Lite
  9.        What the Forecast
  10.      Tez

1-Files Go:

This is the latest app, that lends a helping hand for the users to manage their storage on their phones or tablets. There are below-mentioned features you need to know about the Files Go.
Files: This tab scatters files in different sections such as downloads, docs, images, video, apps, etc.
AirDrop: Yes you heard me right, AirDrop for the Android. You can share files easily with your friends through this feat.
Settings: Here you can manage the notifications, and other settings for your Files Go.


GlassWire is a high functioning, a security app that functions with the need to process your phone’s entire data usage. Through WiFI this app monitors your usage of the apps in real time. This app works fine if you want to see what app is accessing what part of your info. And that too for just $0.99. That sounds a fair deal.


This one is for the Twitter users. This app can be used to customize colors for each of the elements. Empowering the user with creating their own custom themes. A more enhanced muting system, and a “read later” feature is what’s there to check. Reach out the app for $2.

4-Grammarly Keyboard:

With so many things on mind, it is hard to keep a check on your grammar while writing emails, messages, and letters. To obtain power and good grip over English language, Grammarly Keyboard is available on the Google PlayStore. The best thing is, it suggests you the corrections while you are writing. Which makes it a lot easier to proofread over and over again.


A powerful app that is designed with the concern to not let apps eating up your data plans (whether active or in the background). Its simple to restrict the app’s data consumption. It also has a public WiFi finder, which guides the users to locations where WiFi can be accessed.


An education app, snap a photo of the problems, and the AI behind the app, figures out concepts. Variety of subjects, the app works with and it finds your concepts to be learned as well as enough information to be sufficing enough.

7-Google Fit:

Google Fit is a fitness app, that keeps a check on how many steps you have walked in a day. Moreover, this app lets you set your own goals and notify and bug you. In case you didn’t reach the goal. As well as gives you a comparison with other people in your area.

8-Messenger Lite:

Messenger Lite is same as the Facebook Messenger, minus the whistles and tones. There are a few features that have been deducted from the original Messenger app, but it works fine for the users. This app gives faster experience for the users, as well as does the messaging function.

9-What The Forecast:

What The Forecast, is a smart weather application. The merit of this app is the fun remarks it gives about the current weathers. The features this app incorporates is, the current weather, real feel temperature, seven-day forecast, weather terms glossary, and plenty more. An enjoyable app this is not comparative to the Today Weather app, however.

10-Path Guide:

One of the best Microsoft developed apps this year. This app is developed with the means to guide people with visual impairments in getting around the spaces indoor. In case you are inside a building and if its mapped all over by a user, and then this app will show you how to navigate the space. Guiding you which directions to turn, or say or the restroom. You can navigate and record the paths through this app. A fantastic discovery after all.

Top 20+ Interesting Bill Gates Facts Which You Want to Know

Most of us already know about the IT giant Bill gates but there is still a chance that many of us are still not aware about some of the Interesting bill gates facts which made him the world richest person in the world. Keeping in mind this scenario, In this article I am going to share some of the Bill Gates Facts which you don’t know.

Interesting Bill Gates Facts:

1- Bill gates wrote his first computer program (a Tic Toe game) at the age of 13. 
2- Bill gates , at his school time was used to say his mates and teachers that he would be the millionaire at the age of 30.He becomes millionaire at the age of 31.So we can say he was the man with his words!
3- He is the richest person of world right now with a net worth of $88 billion. 
4- He is the only person in the world who remains richest person in the world for 14 consecutive years (1995 to 2009). 
5- At his high school time, he wrote a scheduling program for his class in which he preloaded himself
with girls only with no boys! 
6- If Bill Gates was a country, it would be the 37th richest country on the earth ! 
7- Bill gates net worth from 2011 to 2016 has shown rapid growth.Bill gates his wealth is increasing year by year 
2016-$88 Billion 
2015-$79 Billion
2014-$76 billion 
2013-$67 billion 
2012-$61 Billion 
2011-$56 Billion 
8- Bill gates was a college dropped out. Before two years of graduation, He left Harvard University in 1975 to found his Billion dollar company “Microsoft” with Paul Allen. 
9- Gates SAT score was 1590 out of 1600 which was a great achievement at that time .SAT is a general verbal and quantities test taken by many US universities to get admission in undergraduate programs. 
10- At the time of his wedding, He wanted to keep the media out. He rented all 250 rooms of Manele Bay Hotel to insure his and his wife piracy from media. He also rented all the helicopters near to Hawaiian island of Lanai to keep photographers away from flying over. 
11- Although Gate was a passionate programmer but he was enrolled as a law student in Harvard on the wish of his father. 
12- Bill gates was awarded an Honorable Doctorate (PhD) degree by Harvard University in 2007. 
13- Neither bill gates nor his company created MS Dos(First OS of Microsodt Company) from scratch.Instead they bought the full license of 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products and after some tweaking they renamed its name as MS Dos. 
14- In 1977, Bill Gates was arrested for not stopping at the traffic signal. 
15- Bill gates and his wife owned the world largest private foundation named “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “.Bill Gates has donated over $30 Billion for his foundation. 
16- As said by Bill gates, his children’s including two daughters and a son will only inherit $10 Million each from his total net worth. The remaining one will goes to his foundation. 
17- In 2014, Gates announced to leave the post of chairman and decided to take a new role as technical Advisor of Microsoft to devote much of his time for his “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “.

18- It took him seven year to build his Mansion Xanadu 2.0 at Lake Washington with a total cost of around $63.2 million. 
19- Xanadu 2.0 is massively filled with high tech gadgets.The guest house of Bill gates house contain high tech sensors that automatically adjust room lighting,temperature,musics based on the guest preferences. 
20- Gates pay around $1 million tax of his property every year. 
21- Gates and his wife through Grand Challenges in Global Health Program offering a $100,000 reward to those who will invent a Next Generation condom which should enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use !
22- Bill gates has saved more than five millions lives by bringing vaccines and health care programs. 
23- Bill gates purchased a book of famous writer(Leonardo da Vinci)  for a huge amount of $30 millions dollar and made it public for free on windows vista. 
So that was some of the interesting an funniest bill gates facts which I collected after a whole day Google searching.if you really liked my efforts then simply share this article in your circle and subscribe to my blog by entering  your email below !

Why Prisma is So Popular ?

After Pokeman Go, Prisma is another tending app for smart phones users nowadays. It has attracted million of users in a very short span of time. The reasons of Prisma popularity are many and in this article we are going to talk about some of the secrets to know Why Prisma is So Popular.

What is Prisma and How It Works:

Prisma is a photo editing app launched by a Russian Developer Alexey Moiseenkov in June 2016. Initially it was only available for IOS user then and later on In July it was made public for android users too. After its release it becomes the top smart phone app in Russia and its neighboring countries.
Prisma app transforms your photo digitally to some of the popular artist paintings(artworks) like Van Gogh’s, Picaso and Many More. Unlike other photo editing apps like Instagram which only add a a new layer of filter to apply effect to Image, Prisma use the concept of artificial Intelligence and Neutral network through which it creates the artwork of an image from scratch instead of adding a new layer of filter to the original image.
The thing which makes Prisma unique is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Neutral Networks.In simple terms, AL and NN are the type of technologies which enables the machines to think and make decision as human do. In Prisma,these techniques are used to let machine identify original images and repaint them according to the selected artwork. This process is same like a painter who creates a painting from scratch.
Users can directly capture image from Prisma after selecting the artwork or they can choose any picture from their camera roll to turn the image into their favorite painting. The app provides up to 33 artwork filters and according to the founder more will be added in future.
During the process of artwork creation,Original image is also stored on the server of Prisma for a short span of time to improve the Prisma algorithm efficieny. The server of Prisma is located in Moscow,Russia.


The developers of Prisma are also working to expand the concept of art work to video and virtual reality. According to the Co-founder, the video version in under development but he is not ready yet to give details about the release date and its functions except a 360 degree Image on Facebook posted by CO-founder to provide a glimpse of how video art work will work in future.
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Chrome Eats Almost 70% More Battery then Edge Browser

Chrome Eats Almost 70% More Battery then Edge Browser

To browse the internet, we always use a browser.Using Internet browser we can check email online, we can shop on the web, we can learn, earn from the internet etc. But do you know Internet browsers plays a significant role in decreasing battery life?
Keeping in mind this scenario, Microsoft, a World leading Company On Monday 20 June 2016, conducted a series of test to compare which browser last long on a laptop and dramatically it was prove that Microsoft Browser “Edge” lasts 70% longer on laptop then the famous Google Chrome browser.
Microsoft conducted two tests. In the first test, they ran Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox on the Surface Book(A two in one PC, that contains combined features of tablet and laptop).They automate a series of task like opening websites, reading articles, scrolling articles, watching videos. For all of this purpose, they used the popular sites like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. The test dramatically showed that the Surface Book using Edge browser was the last to long, It showed 36% to 53% increase in battery life.

In the second test, they conducted a video test in which they ran Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari on four different Surface Book respectively. They streamed same HD videos on each device.According to the result, Battery power consumption on Surface Book running Edge was almost 70% less than other browsers.Surface Book Running Edge browser ran for 7 hours 22 Minutes and 7 seconds while Surface Book running Chrome ran for only 4 hours 19 Minute and 50 seconds. From that result, It is cleared that Edge browser won by increasing battery life.
1- Chrome: 4:19:50
2- Firefox: 5:09:30
3-Opera: 6:18:33
4-Microsoft Edge: 7:22:07
Here is the Experiment Video:

From this experiment, It is clear that Microsoft is looking to win the browser race.More ever the company has announced to make it browser more battery efficient on the Window 10 Anniversary which will be on this summer. However, besides of all this effort, Edge still is very limited lacks in many important browser features as compared to chrome and other famous browsers.In addition to that, it is not available for Andriod or IOS users.

How to Hide File/Folder Using CMD Attrib Command

How to Hide File/Folder Using CMD Attrib Command

As a computer user, many time you encountered a situation to hide a file/folder from your PC/Laptop. The very common method to hide any file/folder from a PC is by changing the attribute of the file to hidden. The issue with this method is that, If anyone goes to folder option and then select the option “Show Hidden files and Folder”, then all the files which have the hidden attribute will be shown to him. To solve that issue, we can use the Attrib command in CMD (Command Prompt) through which any file or folder can be hidden and no one will be able to make that file appear except the one who is hiding it.

But before going on further, Let me give you very basic definition of CMD (Command Prompt) .CMD is feature in windows operating system through which we can perform our task by typing command instead of using Graphical Interface. So Instead of opening a folder by double clicking it, we can open that folder by typing command in CMD. Similarly, a folder or file can be hidden through CMD by typing a single command which is called “Attrib Command”.
Below are the Steps through which you can hide any file/folder by using CMD (Command Prompt).

Steps to Hide File/Folder Using CMD:

1-Navigate to the drive, which contain the folder/file to be hidden.
(In my case it is D drive)
3-Now If the folder/file which has to be hidden is directly in that drive then just note down the folder/file name you want to hide
4-But If the folder/file is in any folder/sub folder then go that folder, note down the file/folder name which you want to hide and copy the Address from the Address Bar.
(In my case my file which is to be hidden is a video named “1” and it is in the folder “Extra Stuff”).
5-Go to Start Menu and In Search bar type “CMD” .
6- Now If the folder/file which has to be hidden is directly in that drive then type the drive name which contains the folder/file to be hidden and then type colon.
Like D:
7-Hit Enter and then type Attrib +s +h file/folder name (Replace File/folder name with your file/folder name, Remember to hide a file,you should also have to specify its extension.)
8- If the folder/file is in any folder/sub folder of the drive, then write Attrib and after that put double commas ( “ ) and inside that double commas paste the address you have copied recently like :
Attrib +s +h “addressfilename.extension
In my case address is “D:Extra Stuff” and my filename with extension is “1.mp4” so my CMD command will be “Attrib +s +h “D:Extra Stuff1.mp4”. After doing this process hit enter.
8-Congo ! Your file has been hidden
9-To make file visible, again go to CMD and type Atrrib but this time instead of plus symbol use Dash Symobol (-) e.g Attrib -s -h Path/filename.

10-Your file is now visible

So this was a very easy method to hide a folder or a file by using Attrib Command in CMD.If there still some problem then feel free to comment, I will try to answer the question regarding this for sure! 
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Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion
The IT Giant Microsoft has announced to buy LinkedIn which is considered to be the Social Network for the professionals. On Monday, Microsoft announced that they have done a agreement with LinkedIn, according to which they will acquire LinkedIn for 196$ per share in all cash transaction of total $26.2 billion.
LinkedIn, founded in December 2002 by Reid Hoffman is a Social Network especially for the Business Community. It allows members to make connection b/w each other. As of 2016, LinkedIn has more than 400 Million registered users. As of 2016, the company has also about 9200 employees. It has been proved an essential tool for job seekers and business professionals.
On the other side, Microsoft founded on 1975 by Bill gates and Paul Allen is the world leading company which develops computer software, hardware. It is specially famous for its Operating system, office suites etc. Satya Nadella is the current CEO of Microsoft. As of 2016, Microsoft has around 196 subsidies including popular video calling software Skype, Nokia, Hotmail, etc.
After this deal,CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Wiener will remain at this post for LinkedIn, but now he will not be the boss instead he will report to the Boss(CEO) of the Microsoft Satya Nadella.
Statement Given by Satya Nadella and LinkedIn CEO Confirms this deal.
“Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet. “Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet.” Satya Said
“Just as we have changed the way the world connects to opportunity, this relationship with Microsoft, and the combination of their cloud and LinkedIn’s network, now gives us a chance also to change the way the world works.For the last 13 years, we’ve been uniquely positioned to connect professionals to make them more productive and successful, and I’m looking forward to leading our team through the next chapter of our story” Weiner said.
The deal is approved by the LinkedIn and Microsoft Board Directors.Although the deal is still to have get approval from the LinkedIn shareholders.In addition to that, the deal is expected to complete at the end of this year.
With this Agreement, LinkedIn With its Subsidiaries Companies including and Slideshare will be owned by Microsoft.
Before this deal, Microsoft, who always remain one step ahead in term of his software services, has never been successful in social networking, so it is clear that Microsoft is looking to extend it’ circles by making communication and collaboration easy and to increase its company portfolio.
Now hope is that Microsoft will not destroy this purchase as they did it with their many previous purchases including Nokia!

Difference between Virus,Worm,Trojan and Spyware?

difference between Virus, Worm, Trojan and Malware

The most common mistake which peoples do is that they think that Computer Virus, Worm, Malware, Trojan horse and Spyware all are same, so they used them interchangeably. The real scenario in entirely different, these all types of threats are distinct from each other and In this article, I am going to give you a brief overview of what they are? And what is the difference between Virus, Worm, Trojan and Spyware?

Computer Virus:

What is Computer Virus?
Computer Virus is a program which attaches itself to another program to infect a computer. Most of the computer viruses attach themselves to executable files, so next time if you see a mp3 file with an extension look like .mp3.exe probably means that the file is infected with a virus. Most of the computer virus becomes active only when a user opens some infected file. As human virus which spreads human to humans, PC virus similarly travels from computer to computer. They can do several high to low priority damages to the computer includes data corruption, file loss, file modification, etc.
It is a good way to install any antivirus program.So, whenever any file is affected with virus, it alerts and remove that virus.
Do You Know?

The first computer virus was “CREEPER” which was an experimental program created by Bob Thomas.however, the first widespread PC virus was “BRAIN” which was created by the two Pakistani brothers Basit Farooq and Amjad Farooq to protect the piracy of the software which they made.

Computer Worm:

Computer Worm and Difference Between Virus and Worm
Unlike a virus, computer worm does not harm or corrupt any files but still they are much dangerous then virus. They are dangerous because they spread rapidly from one computer to another computer without the knowledge of the user and create unnecessary spaces, files, shortcuts’, etc. In addition to that, they also create unnecessary bandwidth for servers and other networks which can cause them to stop working.

There are many worms attacks have been recorded. Some of the notable attacks were: Melissa (which crash servers by sending users unknown emails causing million of dollars loss), Blaster, I Love You, SQL Slammer(which shut down the internet for a short span of time, In Korea Internet remain disconnected for almost 6 hours).

Difference between Virus and Worm ?

The main difference between virus and worm is that, computer virus only spreads when a user opens some affected file whereas computer worm spreads even without the knowledge of the user. In addition to that, a computer virus can corrupt files, folders, etc. whereas worm does not harm any file instead it creates additional space, files, shortcuts.

Trojan Horse:

What is Trojan Horse?

The Trojan horse threat is named after a mythological Trojan War b/w Greeks and Troy’s. In that war, some men’s of Greek entered into the Troy city by hiding under the wooden horse (Trojan horse) and thus they attacked troy’s after fooling them. The Trojan horse threat works as same. They are some sort of programs which looks like an original and safe software’s but in real these software’s has some back doors which are used to bypass the security of the user system.Software creators used that back doors to attack the victim system.
Do you know?
Crack software’s are one of the weapons used for Trojan attack.


What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of software which is installed on user computer without his/her knowledge. These types of software’s are used to collect any user information without his/her knowledge. They are mostly used for the purpose of advertisement. Some examples of spyware are Pop Ups Ad, Unnecessary browser extensions, Key loggers, etc. However, some sorts of spyware software also called adware are legal which are mostly use with free trials of software’s.

An Illustration of Different Threat Attacks:

Virus Vs Worm Vs Trojan horse

After reading this article, I hope now you will have a clear idea about the difference between Virus,Worm,Trojan horses,Spyware.If you have any suggestions/thoughts regarding this article then feel free to mentioned them in comments.

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