Top 10 Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

Today in this blog we will be talking about the best pics for coins that you should be holding on to from now until the January 1st2019. Here ten different cryptocurrencies are enlisted that I consider for you to invest your money. I will make you believe why you should be investing in them as well.


 Top of the list, lies Bitcoin, the supreme premiere of the cryptocurrency at the moment. It is a cryptocurrency you should believe in holding onto in 2018 and 2019 and even beyond. Bitcoin is the gold standard of cryptocurrency when your average consumer thinks about cryptocurrency they think about the Bitcoin. If someone talks about the Cryptocurrency you think of the Bitcoin, even if somebody wants to get into cryptocurrency you think of the bitcoin. All other cryptocurrencies are held to the Bitcoin standard and they are traded against the Bitcoin predominantly.


With a market cap of 100 Billion Dollars there are countless ICOs being built on the Ethereum. Right now it is still big thing when it comes to platforms and as cryptocurrency market goes up, Ethereum will continue to go up. It will continue to have power, and longevity. Ethereum , $1000 USDs may seem like a lot  of money and market cap of 120 Billion Dollars may seem like a lot of money.


Neo is one cryptocurrency that is very hot in recent time There are some great ICOs being built on the neo platform. The market cap is One-ten that of Ethereum. Still there is plenty of room to grow so long as neo continues to produce great ICOs that people are attracted in because if you want to get in on some of these ICOs you have to buy in with cryptocurrency that  it was built upon. Neo with market cap of 9 Billion that may seem high but moving forward as cryptocurrency begins to grow and these platforms continue to grow, I believe there’s still plenty of vertical room for something like Neo.


A lot of next choices you’re going to see in this top 10 list have one thing which is common amid them. That is they are all platforms for creating additional cryptocurrency. I feel that cryptocurrency is too early in its creation, too early and its adoption to really apply to B to C, which is business to consumer or customer card. Its 16 Billion Dollar Market Cap is built entirely on the hype that they are creating a platform to create other cryptocurrencies and to be the support structure for other cryptocurrency so once they launch their product I feel this price is going to shoot up.

Binance Coin:

Binance Coin has been already regarded the number one option for anyone trading in the USDs in North America. Binance Coin itself makes all of your transactions on the exchange cheaper by half. You have a very popular coin market cap 1.4 Billion obviously available on  Binance.


Enigma is available on Finance and Bittrex that are two of the biggest exchanges so lots of visibility. Enigma is trying to solve the problem that many big coins have right now which are two things, scalability and privacy. The brains behind are MIT Grads, tons of people with lots of experience is available on Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC, OKEx which gives it plenty of visibility. is trying to solve the problem of tracking the ownership of digital creative assets whether that is written. Whether it be podcasts, whether it be video but is trying to create a way through blockchain to have ownership of your online creative assets at an individual price of 13 cents that will attract very amateur investors who like the thought of having a cheap individual coin.


DeepOnion is a privacy coin, and could easily reach a 500 Million Dollar market cap, in 2018 available crypto Pia and Kucoin so the most popular exchanges right now. It is easily accessible for masses. They are going to bring DeepOnion on more exchanges as of now.

Trade Token:

Trade Token is going to be the token of use on the new trade platform coming out in April called trade dot IO. If you think trade dot IO has what it takes to be a decent platform in the future going from 60 Million USD market cap to something like a 600 Million Dollar market cap. This coin is available OKEx, Also their very own Exchange will be launching soon.

Internet Node Token:

Internet Node Token is a brand new coin available on the market with a very small market cap of 97 Million USDs. Now you might be considering why should you be investing in it? If you have any faith in the Internet of Things (IoT) or in IOTA, which sits on the market chart on cap of 7.7 Billion USDs. Internet Node Token are following the footsteps of IOTA trying to create a platform to help organize the IoT. Even if they never reach lofty heights of IOTA at a market cap of only 97 Million, even if it reaches one tenth of IOTA. You are looking at a massive return on your investment. This coin is coming straight out of China, and can be found at OKEx, CoinEgg, CoolCoin and Ether Delta.