Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

programming languages 2018

This century is regarded as the Century of Information Technology. Let me tell you one thing, the key to a successful future in the field of AI/IT/CS is learning to code. Creating revolutionary software, that change the way of thinking, acting. Tending to make human efforts less stressful. Application development is also a process that helps you invent interesting apps for Smartphone.

Here we have carved out the finest, and popular top 5 programming languages a coder needs to learn in the year 2018. Yes, to better a skill or develop one, you need to think ahead a year. But worry not, we will be doing the thinking job for you.

What are the Programming Languages?

The answer to the aforementioned question is below. We have selected 5 best programming languages, on basis of their demands in stack overflow, freelancer, job market, and the startup. We have found for you the five essential languages you should pick either of them and begin your coding process at an instant.


Python makes the top of our list here, courtesy the Machine Learning. Whether we discuss the frameworks like Django to design web apps, or maybe the analysis of things. This language has made a great comeback, and impact after showing a dull sign earlier. Whether Facebook, Google or Apple are after the engineers having strong and thorough knowledge of Python. Implementing Machine Learning in any product, you got to have an acquaintance with the Python. Without a single doubt or second thoughts, I’d say Python has to make it at number 1 on this list.


Not as similar to Java keep in mind, beginners. You can say this language seems to be on steroids. The way it is growing. This is not the same JavaScript as the one introduced. It has evolved a lot with time, with the latest 2017 edition, it doesn’t seem to be reducing its popularity for quite some time.
JavaScript is capable of handling almost everything. Work with Node JS and rely on the backend with it. At the front-end, you can go with Angular or React. Talking about the mobile apps, ionic framework or the react native framework are completely capable of handling all the iOS as well as Android apps.
Which is why Facebook is completely shifting its globe to JavaScript (whether it is for their web or mobile Android/iOS systems). I haven’t seen any language growing this much as JavaScript.


Java is most powerful and superior language that can’t be neglected. Due to the increase in Android apps, and Android developers, interests in Java are increasing with time. Not just Android, many web applications are also designed in Java. Henceforth, Java makes our list of the languages to be learned. With Java, you can initiate the career as Android Developer.


The dotnet framework isn’t the reason why C# made it to our list. However, in the recent year, it is noticed, the DotNet framework is losing its charm. Game Development, is one reason why we inducted C# to our list. Since most may have the knowledge how the game development with Unity is booming quite a lot. Not only that but with Xamarin you are empowered to develop mobile applications (cross-platform). Meaning they can run on the Android as well as the iOS.
Also, it is not that difficult learning the language, it’s simple and easy to learn in my opinion. People from the dotnet market are already trying to make it to the game development as well as the Xamarin.


Whether you talk about 10 best programming languages or 5, Swift has to make the list. Its inevitable, inexorable to keep Swift out of the list. And the reason to that is Apple. People carry their own views about Apple, but you can’t deny Apple is a big deal in the software market. In case you plan to design and develop an app that uses Apple ecosystem (be it iPhone, iMac, iPad even a game) you need the Swift. You need an Apple device, to get into the Apple ecosystem. Which plays as an obstacle in the path. Do keep in mind, the market is huge, jobs are on offer, so it is worth a deal.