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A horizon with endless limits, where anybody can convey what he/she imagines to the respected audience unlike other modes of communication where creator sometimes has limitations due to the platform.
A writer is a key element to any recipe for successful news, blog, and website which depends on the quality and tone, the message is conveyed. Writing is a hobby which some people like as a part-time but others want to earn a living through it. Hobbies are a leisure time activity that most people have and can be anything like writing, reading, playing, watching or something you think is worth its time and helps you to maintain focus towards other aspects of life as it helps you to distract from the tremendous workload.

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How to make writing a real thing:
So you love to write as many people do nowadays but never intended to do it in a professional manner or gave a thought about making it a real thing which provides bliss and money on the other hand.
If you are ambitious enough to write and think you can work professionally then apply for article writing jobs available across the internet and continue it with will and concentration which will distinguish your work and appeal the viewers.
Follow these steps:-


Generate your CV or Gig on different platforms and write about your work Experience:

If you have worked in the past anything related to writing include it in your job description or in your CV. Sometimes you even have to go through some tests to showcase your set of skills don’t worry as is it just like any other job interview conducted just to check your skills.

Find Platforms for article writing jobs:
Lots of platforms appeared in the last decade or so where writing is a preference among others not just that they pay to their writers a handsome amount depending on the experience and bulk of time working as a writer. Every website wants a writer which writes for them either for blogs, news, publishing or information depending on the site they have.

Many platforms are available to find work, just select the best (or post on as many as you like) and apply for a job. Some are:-

  • guru
  • up work
  • fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • LinkedIn
  • Online writing jobs

Write articles as a freelancer:
No wonder why freelancing has been an eye-catching in recent years with robustness, freedom and being boss of your own are the qualities provided without any limitations. So why don’t we avail this opportunity while it lasts and benefit us…
Writing an article looks like from the outer-shell that it will bind you to a larger extent of your time period without any relief.
Since the arrival of the internet everything is made possible and within your grasp and allowed article writing jobs to be available as a freelance work for individuals as well as for organizations.

Minimum wage does vary drastically, the amount of past experience and professional levels are the key factors whilst the quality of writing matters whether it is formal or an informal way etc.
Don’t get offended by the starting wage you get offered from different clients everybody needs a start somewhere.

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