Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro – Whats New?

xiaomi redmi 3 pro

Xiaomi seems to be on an errand to take the cheap smartphone to a new level with their redmi 3 pro. Redmi 3 pro incorporates all the great features. However, Xiaomi added some significant upgrades to the Xiaomi redmi 3 pro device. In this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons, the goods and the bads, merits & demerits of redmi 3 pro in detail.



Redmi 3 pro is as same as the redmi 3, nothing really changed except for the fact that Xiaomi added a fingerprint scanner on the back. It is very accurate and it works straight from the standby mode. Once the first pick the phone up I noticed that the build quality is actually slightly better than the redmi 3. There is no major difference but the buttons are slightly better tactile feedback and there are absolutely no moving parts on the device. We have the same button placement, the same parts camera, and it is the same phone in terms of the design as the redmi 3 except for fingerprint scanner.
Coming to the hardware, redmi 3 pro has improved as compared to the redmi 3. It consists of the same octa-core Snapdragon 616 chip with maximum clock speeds of 1.5 gigahertz. However, now we are getting 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of expandable storage via the MicroSD card slot.
The gaming performance is sufficing, as well as it runs perfectly on the medium graphics. There were just a few minor skipped frames on the highest graphics settings. So you can enjoy playing the most demanding games on the redmi 3 pro. It comes with mei 7.2 that has been built on top of Android 5.1. Hopefully, Xiaomi updates this phone to marsh mellow soon. UI is the same as on any other Xiaomi phone. As usual, no app tray and all apps rest on the redmi 3 pro’s home screen. In case you are not yet familiar with the MI UI, it has tons of features customization options that consist a wide choice of themes, wallpapers, fonts and so on.
Also, you can customize the LED light, assign different tasks, so capacitive buttons do various tweaks and personalize the phone in a lot of different ways. As far as the loudspeaker it is pretty good too. Not the best, but it has the reasonable amount of depth and it does not sound tinny like some other cheap phones.



            The 13 Megapixel camera takes pictures very fast and that is thanks to the face detection autofocus.
Also ,I have nnoticedslight improvement over the redmi 3 and that’s all due to the updated software. The camera has become more consistent with daylight shots and doesn’t struggle with focusing. If you take pictures in good lighting you can achieve some great results. The images are sharp and detailed almost every time you take a photo. The only downsides are that sometimes there is a software focus on the corners. And the dynamic range was off in a few shots. The indoor and low-light shots have less detail and more noise but they are still not bad for the phone this cheap before you compare the redmi 3 pro to other devices. The video quality is good but not great, the level of detail is decent. There is some noise in the video, the footage could have more sharpness. The lack of optical image stabilization leads to a kind of shaky footage. Well, I consider it is too much to ask for optical image stabilization in a budget phone.


All the connectivity options were great, everything is okay, in terms of quality. The signal reception is excellent. Also, the Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth are working fine however, I was disappointed that the phone does not support 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection.

The battery life is fantastic. I could not squeeze the battery out in one day even on a heavy usage that involved gaming, installing lots of apps, watching a lot of videos, taking pictures, browsing the web and so on. I was able to achieve over seven hours of screen time with a maximum auto brightness setting of the screen. Which means you can achieve even more impressive results if you reduce the brightness or don’t use the phone that heavily.
Finally, Xiaomi claims that the Redmi 3 pro has a fast charging feature. Xiaomi redmi 3 pro is an upgraded model over the redmi 3. It has preserved the great looks of the redmi 3 and it even spars a better build quality. Right now the phone feels more solid, in the hand. Also, the addition of a fingerprint scanner which is by the way pass inaccurate is a great feature to have in a compact phone.

UI Display


You may not see a major difference in terms of the UI or gaming performance with the additional 1 Gig of RAM or more storage space. But, these specs make the Xiaomi redmi 3 pro more solid and future-proof device. The daylight image quality seems to have become more consistent and that is thanks to the software optimization. However, don’t expect any seller results in low-light scenarios. Some might agree some might not, but if you ask me I would have loved to see backlit capacitive buttons on the pro model.
Also while the 720 p display is pretty good and spectacular. The 1080p panel would have better justified the pro moniker.


All in all the Xiaomi Redmi 3 pro is a very solid device and very hard to beat in this price range. It brought some welcome features and slight improvements over the Xiaomi redmi 3 pro and it is highly recommended to buy it if you’re in the market for greatly affordable smartphones.
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